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The One

He is the one
I've waited for
He is in my heart
He lingers in my
I have not yet seen
He lauphs in my ear
But I have not yet
Heard him
His sweet innocent
Touch makes me
But I have not yet
Felt him
Do I even know him
What is he like
Does he like slow
Songs or fast ones
He has a dark mysterious
But yet a sweet sensual
Side as well
He loves to smile at me
And tell jokes
Do you know me too
I've seen him in
My dreams
But I have not yet
Pictured your beautiful
I can feel my heart
Pounding and telling
Me he will come one day
But I haven't met him
How do I know
I've had this feeling
My whole life
I've wished for
You for so long
I had hoped it was
I knew it would be you
Bacause in my eyes
You weren't just
You were my special
You are the one
You have showed
Me so many times
You brought back life
Into my dark lifeless
Heart you are a
Bright light that won't
Go out
Like the sweetest
Who's scent weakens me
You acn never know
Th joy you
Are for me
The one god took
From above and
Gave to me
An angel
You have put a spell
On me that I hope
Never dies
I feel as if I'm in
Heaven flying
Oh sweet one I
Always knew you
Would be the one

"Vivellen Chesser" 21/05/2002

Why do I wait?

Why do I cry?

I know in my heart youíll just pass on by

I think with my head I feel with my heart

Why do I feel like Iím being torn apart

It all spins out of control

In one minute off truth I lost control

I told him how I felt

I thought he felt the same way to

He was leading me on you see and I didnít have a clue

I placed my heart in his hand

This time he didnít do anything he just told me to stand

Then he pulled out what I thought was a gun

And then he gave me a ring and said youíre the one

I started thinking with my heart instead of my head

I was much happier then sad

This whole year has been a blur

I fell in love again that was the truth

It ended up okay

People say Iím a fool

Yet I know Iím my heart it was the right thing to do

"Megan Wickes" 20/05/2002


Are you really gone? My heart refuses to beilieve but yet i feel a strain like no other an emptieness that rings much to true...you were not supposed to leave me...a vow you had made,but now your dancing days are over,and you leave as quickly as you came...my heart is slowly bleeding,from the puncture you have left,i relly on my breathing...i have no thump thump in my chest,i beilieve you were my true love..my soulmate my dream...but it seems life has taken you to a place i have not seen...into the arms of another...i hope you find comfort there...listen to your heart ...you'll see you belong here.

"Christine" 30/05/2002


Love aint nothing but a name

Back in time someone made it up, for glory and a little fame

Thatís what I use to think, before I got hit with cupidís arrow

Love just turned me soft, leaving me with pain and sorrow

While it lasted it was the lick

Out of all the manís in the world, It was me she picked

She was the sweetest thing walking

Man would listen when she was talking

Girl you always kept your love true

Kissed me, when I was filling all sad and blue

I tried to be the best man that I could

You helped me see the differences between bad and good

Ahhhh it was funny, not a lot of people were happy seeing us together

Boys were up for arms, no matter what weather

I did some crazy shit with my crew

I was losing control, mostly losing you

Walking home with you after collage was a blessing

You always wanted 2 hold my hand, just in came someone came messing

Girl I was always there for you, how wiped your tears away

How was they 2 see, you fight another day

You was what got me up in the morning

I hear people telling you, that I switch without warning

I once believed only heaven could make us depart

Are love was strong, I never meant to break your heart

Everyday you looked better and better

Before I go 2 bed, I still read your letter

If you would only listen 2 what I had 2 say

Than maybe we could, both reach a happier day

Back together each other both in are arms

No telling fortune no one reading are a pram

We take a chance, everyday as it comes

Just you and me, no one beating the drums

Itís killing me knowing youíre out there, without me

We are 2 parts of a lock that has only one key

As everyone knows, every book has an end

When you left it hurt, I cant pretend

Anthony Taylor 19/05/2002



This is my beautiful woman;

Her laughter is in the wind,

Her eyes are in the setting sun on a warm summer night,

Her smile is in the rising sun,

Her tears are as soft as the summer rain,

Her skin is as soft as silk,

Her lips are as sweet as nectar,

Her heart is as warm as a summerís night,

Her soul is as deep as the ocean,

Her touch is as soft as an angles wing,

Her love and beauty are endless,

This is my beautiful woman.

I will love you forever.

Bonerack 18/05/2002



Every time you break my heart you always call me back.
You give it two weeks at least but never longer then that
But this time its been three weeks going on four and im
wondering why you ain't knockin at my door
Tellin me that you miss me lookin deep in my eyes to kiss me is all you
want to do and then I 'v fallin again for you
But the reason you have not called me yet is not because im not on your mind
it's not because im not one of a kind its because your in jail doing time
so i guess my only choice is to write and pray for you every day and night
and when you get out we can have our time where I will be yours and you wil be mine.

Rowena Miles 18/05/2002


That Boy

His face is innocent and pure
It makes my heart soar
Do u think i have a chance?
His eyes and smile put me in a trance
Boys have it so easy, they just have to pick
But, when it comes to me i have the short stick
Boys think that we are a toy
But, I don't care i want the boy.

Joe 20/05/2002


Our Love

Our love seems to be fading fast. I wonder how long it will still last.
My heart feels pain it is so bad, the thought of losing you makes me so sad.
I think of how things used to be when the world revovled around you and me. I use to hear your sweet voice all night on the phone in my world back then I was never alone. I dream about you every night yet when I awake your never in sight. I know for sure something is wrong love like this can not last very long. How can I somehow make you see how much hurt remains in me. I want to change the way I feel I know deep down our love is real. If in your heart you feel the same then just reach out your hand and call my name. If instead you turn your back and walk away at least in my heart I know you will stay.

John Smith 16/05/2002

Love most perfect kiss is when two lips meet not for the first time
but it is everytime that my lips meet yours.

To look into your eyes Simone is to look into face of love.

Bryan Chilton 14/05/2002


Love is rare, love is powerful so if you don't really mean it please don't try to act like you do!

Brittaney Bush 14/05/2002


L: Is for the love up give
O:is for the outstanding fantasies I have of you
V.:is for the Victoria secret up bought on our fist date
E: the emptiness I have now that up are away!

"stoutingberg" 14/05/2002

To a Nightingale

To a Nightingale, crimson yet soft even still
Crooning its wings to the hymn of my sights
Nocturnal eyes pierce the veil of my will
To tend the rapture of my insomniac nights
Invade my life! reborn from the rest
Swooping to break despair from my seams
Sifting the content of a nightingale's nest
Remains disillusioned in requiem dreams
To a nightingale, possessed to the ends of my passion
Lulled by tainted feathers of the land
Caught between heart and this fear of rejection
Only to sail before winter began
Alas! the intrigue of a nightingale!
How I sought to unravel the mystery of birds
If only to find that which haunts your brow
And to read the silence of your whispered words
Yet on the eve of my deathbed, I begin to recall
How I bled my masking for the existence of seeing
Withered hands grasp the truth of my fall-
That your beauty is my only excuse for being!
An ode to a nightingale, lain in my essence of passion
Fly me to the moon to capture the night
Chambered hearts seem to deny this rejection
Reborn in the nest of your sonorous flight!

by David Salinas 15/05/2002



For the last couple of days,
I have had these wierd feelings for you.
Feelings that I can't explain,
and too scared to tell you.
I'm scared of your reaction,
scared to admit I fell for you.
I wanted to take things slow with you,
but my heart had different plans.
I can't deny how I feel about you anymore,
so I probably should tell you how I feel.
I love your arms around me,
and your lips touching mine.
I love being with you,
and scared not to be with you.
I'm scared that one day I will wake up,
and you won't be there.
I want to wake up next to you in the morning,
and go to sleep next to you at night.

Written by : Jeannette Hoffer 14/05/2002



Why does it hurt,
why do i care.
To me i think,
that it's really not fair.
Once again,
i'm close to someone knew.
I couldn't have stopped it,
for there was no clue.
I wanted us to happen,
but i wanted it to be real.
Now i sit here,
he'll be gone and more pain i'll feel.
Is there a law,
against the happiness of me.
One day i hope,
i'll find that perfect he.
I won't get hurt,
and i won't get left behind.
But i wanted that to be,
my baby that i'd find.
But soon to be gone,
is that guy i've fell for.
The one i wanted to stay with,
the one i adore.
What's so bad about me,
what makes everyone go.
That's one little question,
that i need to know.
I'm young and confused,
desperate to find.
If it really is,
that love i feel inside.
Then we'll be together till,
death do us part.
And i'll feel safe,
once again in his big heart.

By Hayley Hennessey 14/05/2002

I Love You

My heart belongs to you
My soul is in your hands
But when it comes to our love
Of course it is the strongest

My love was always there for you
My heart leads me to your door
Your parents love and care for me
As I cherish you even more
I wish to love you forever see,
for you I'll always want

For you to hold me in your arms
And comfort me so
I refuse to give up on you
I want you more and more

To share my life with you
Would be like knocking on heavens door
We never argue, fuss, or fight
For we share our lives together now

When I call you on the phone
Your voice is all I hear
To know your still around for me
I just wish to be near

So when I say I love you
That is what I mean
I'll always love, care, and cherish you
Till you there is no more

This is my poem I wrote for my boyfriend
Tracy Marie Martin 12/05/2002


We used to be together
but we ain't now
When i looked into your eyes
i could see that you still care for i
to reconcile , you say it's impossible
asking me to look for another guy that's unbelievable
I tried ways and means,
just to forget the memories between you and me
The spell you casted on me was so strong
and i am being lifeless and breathless
To save or not to save,
i haf nothing more to say
If you bear to leave me with the pain,
i think my love for you remains the same...

"Peiqing" 12/05/2002

Why Hello Good To See You Again!

I Will Not Look Down On You With Sorrowed Eyes
But Upon You With Inspiration

From Un whole To Complete
No Hope To Inspiring Faith.

Unfeeling To Compassionate.

From Angry To Gladdened...


Collapsing Knees
Tear Pouring Eyes


Looking Up With A Smile Feeling Your Warm And Gentle Touch.
You Do Make Me Feel Safe...A little At A Time

Blue Fruit Juice Skies For The Thirst White Cottony Clouds For The Tired Soul

Come To Me And You Shall Find The Woman You Left Behind.
Sing Songs So Beautifully Whisper Your Lullabies In My Ear

I Am Yours To Hold I Have Not Gone Anywhere.

Do Not Become Scared

Come-Come Rest If You May.

Where Have You Been All Those Many Years?

Have We Met Before?

Oh Really Tell Me More

You Were Frightened Did You Say?

Running Young Running Wild Looking Through Glasses Of A Child?
Scared And Confused Not Knowing What To Do?

Settle Down My Fairy Friend.
You Are Making My Head Spin

Rest Your Tired Head Upon My Shoulder For I Will Hold You Up

We Have The Rest Of Our Lives To Catch Up

Now That We Have Found One Another Again

--- Sandra DeBlois 9/05/2002

Endless wandering
Forever searching
But unknowingly lost

Hiding the loneliness from the world
And from myself
Suppressing the emptiness for so long
Even I did notít realize how lonely I was

Than you came along and saved me
My heart and soul came awake
My the search ended

I am yours always, Thank you, Superman.

Denise L. Hughes 9/05/2002


"Our Love"

Love is the greatest feeling...
Love is like a play.
Love is what i feel for you
each & every day.
Love is like a smile
Love is like a song.
Love is the great emotion
that keeps us going strong.
i love you with my heart
my body and my soul
i love the way we keep loving
a love thats out of control
i loved you from the very first day...
when i had nothing to say.
and i'll love you forever
Forever and a day.

Dedicated to my one and only First love
(K.H) a.k.a Angell in Disguise
From (Z.K) a.k.a Heavenlly Angell 9/05/2002


"Love me for what I'm not and leave me for who I am"

by:Ean Mong 8/05/2002


You are my fire

The one desire

Believe when I say

I love you babe!

We are 2 worlds apart

It's not that I can not live with out you

It's just that I dont wanna try

Every night I dream about you

If I wasent such a fool

Right now I'd be holding you!

No matter the distance

I want you to know that deep down in side of me


Theres nothin that I wouldn't do

Baby you love is so AMAZING!

Baby your the best thing in my life!

Let me prove my love is real, and that I love you!

I promise to give the world to you, I'll bring down the moon and sun for you


But love is all I have to give you

Without you I dont think I can live

I'll be here for when you eva need me

Baby please I'm on my knees praying for the day you are mine!!

And I will give it to you

Everything I have is for you

But love is all I have to give

I will not stop the sun shining down on you

As long you dont take them loving arms the suit around me as I may braek down a cry

Nothin can defeat me

Knowing that I'm completed me

You make me stronger every day

Anything you wanna do

I'll be there right beside you

As long as you dont leave me

My dreams are guranteed

It's amazing how you can speak to my heart

Without sayin a word you can lighten up the dark

The smile on your face says that you need me

The truth in your eyes says that you'll never leave me

The touch of your hands says that you will catch me when I fall

Babe I've been thinking of you

Gotta a picture in my mind

You open my eyes

Brought our feelings deep inside

No one can take your place

Only you can make me feel this way

When I'm feeling down you are always there

Baby theres a rason why we met

I never new a love so strong

Knowing my love for you will never DIE!!

Anon 8/05/2002


I Love You!

The day you came into my life,
My heart was filled with joy.
The days no longer seemed so lonely,
Because I had you as my loverboy.

I hope to never lose you,
But if someday I do,
I hope that you will know,
I love you forever, and I'll always be true.

When I first saw you my knees went weak,
And deep in my chest my heart skipped a beat.
The lump in my throat would not let me speak,
The ground no longer touched my feet.

Your icy eyes,
Went straight through me.
In my dreams at night,
You were all I could see.

The first time we kissed,
And your lips touched mine,
I felt a cool shiver,
Run straight down my spine.

You were the one for me,
My first true love.
The moment you spoke,
I knew you must be sent from above.

I'll love you forever,
If you'll hold me tight.
Never saying goodbye,
Only goodnight.

I love you,
I hope you love me too.

Love Always, Kimmysue 8/05/2002


Hello! Goodbye!

Hello and Goodbye,
Are the words that I must say.
I have to move on,
The day is today.

You said that you loved me,
But it was just a lie.
Now every time I think about it,
I break down and start to cry.

So hello to heartbreak,
Goodbye to love.
My thoughts float out to you,
The silent wings of a dove.

You had me once,
And you threw me out.
The only thing I want now,
Is to know what it was all about.

These feelings they hurt,
These thoughts they confuse.
All this pain and heartache,
Was caused because of you.

You said you didn't want a girlfrient,
But you lied about that too.
Now you're back with her,
And there's nothing left for me to do.

You sad you didn't want to hurt me,
But it's too late.
I try to forget about it,
But I feel my heart break.

My friend told me not to hurt you,
And that was a promise that I made.
So it happened the other way around,
And I'm the lonely one today.

I hope we can forget this,
Move on and just be friends.
With the pain I'm feeling now,
My world is going to end.

Hello and Goodbye,
To you are what I say.
It didn't work out this time,
But maybe another day.

From: Kimmysue II: James 8/05/2002

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