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Title: Danielle

Because I am with you
You are with me
So deep in our hearts
No matter how far we be
Because I am with you
All mind, body, and soul
So true is our love
We shall never let go
Because I am with you
Never tempted I be
Nobady can replace you
For meant, we are to be
Because I am with you
Together we gleam
Let's share this love together forever
Not let it pass like a dream

Nathaniel, 02/09/2001

I Never

i never had anyone bring me up when i was down
i never had someone make me smile away my frown
i never met anyone that was as amazing as u
i never had feelings that were so real and true
i never held a hand and thought that i could melt
i never actually enjoyed the way that i felt
i never kissed a pair of lips that were so very sweet
i never thought it was possible for a boy not to cheat
i never had someone that could make me laugh and smile
i never had a person to just talk to for awhile
i never felt happy when i looked into someone's eyes
i never thought that what people said were anything but lies
i never had someone that i could tell things to
i never told anyone anything until i met you
i never actually felt good about the way that i was
i never had someone that called me all the time "just because"
i never had someone hug me so very tight
i never had so many dreams about someone in one night
i never had someone that could make my heart dance
i never knew i wanted to be with someone after just one glance
i never thought i would be with one person for so long
i never thought about anyone when i heard a love song
i never thought i'd have any of these things, i just didnt have a clue
i never thought it was possible until i met you

BY: AMANDA PARISI, 02/09/2001

Tylese I Love You

Tylese you are love the light the dark, pain and pleasure your rare you would have to search the four corners of the world to come across a rare jewel like yourself.what is a heart you ask a heart is an untold love storyand a dream is a hearts wish and my heart wishes for you and for them same little reasons thats why i love you.




You got a way with words . 1000 dark faces, all strangers but one.
From the day I met you i knew in my heart that you were special . Facing this cold world was a misson I thought was impossible. You had a way in making me believe in myself again. The world is full of many people, it'strue, as time passed I realized there is only one of you. You may not knowhow much I care for you, because we haven't known each other very long but as time passes u will see the everlasting bond. My feelings are true and in time I will grow attached to u. I hope that one day u will accept myfeelings and not runaway . Its plain to see that with u im in a whole newworld, You bring out the best in me. Never turn away for every sec you doill just be thinkin of u . I cant predict tommorow but I can predict that I will be here to help u through ur sorrow.

BY : Kim Carrera 31/08/2001



You were my childhood sweetheart
When me first met i told my friends "hes the one"
You took away all of my bad days
You lit up my live like the sun

Our honeymoon it was so special
Just you and i there alone at last
Together on that beautiful island
The only problem is it went by to fast

The destination we chose was Barbados
A place i had dreamt of visiting all my life
Everything we did and saw was romantic
Because after all we were now husband and wife

The plam trees that swayed in the breeze
Our relaxing long walks by the shore
I realised that my life was just perfect
I was lucky and couldn't want for more

No we have been married for four years
With our lovely new born on the way
I will love you forever my darling
I thank god i have been blessed everyday




why do guys act to sweet
when you both no that u guys ae friends
but u secretly want more
and u both no it
so he puts on an act
but u are for real.

so the day comes
u two are a pair
the first few days
is a day in heaven
the first few weeks are a strool in the park
the first few months
seem like he's the one
but then it changes
u want someone else
that trapped u like he did
so u want to b friends

but u cant take it
u just seem so incomplete
so u are sure this time it will work
it feels like the first time
but has lost a little
and this time u cant stand him
so u end up as friends again.

well now u miss him
u cry to sleep
u melt when u see him
so u start out as friends
then close friends
then u try it again

well it did work
for a while
but soon figure out
all u guys do
is fight and argue so much
that u cant take it
so u say forget guys
they treat u like nothing
all they do is mess u up

so it is better off as friends
unless u two just seem perfect
well then make it work
talk it out, tell each other
not having friends tell or hear from gossip
cuz from my experience it wont work like that
and they will put on an act when you're friends
unless u have known him forever
and no that he is for real
so why does he have an act
when he knows how much u love him
and want to spend precious moments with.

Why do guys act

why do they have two personalities
one with friends
another with girlfriend
but when mixed together
she gets left out
he acts so different towards her
she feels so hurt, and knows that isnt
her prince charming
the one that loved her and always showed it
but acts like a totally different person
has a crabby mood, wont touch her
ditches her for his friends
when she was with him first
feelin like u want to have that feelin forever
but his friend comes
the onr that he talks so bad about
but can spend a whole day with him
and u hate him so much
cuz he takes all ur mans attention away
but u keep quiet, i dont want another fight
so he will be sweet to u
when he has time and notices u



***The other side of love***

Why does it hurt?
The memories wont leave
I gave him all my love
and how does he repay me?
he says he can not love me
Or at least not right now
I wish the pain would stop
That it would end somehow
The tears are streaming down
I thought I hid them well
Obviously i dont
They all know i'm going through hell
The one who said I love you
The one who said I care
The one who would never hurt me
The one who would always be there
With love comes heartache and pain
Lord knows i'd give anything
Not to go through all this again
I don't want any comfort
or your helping words
I will never fall in love again
because love is for the birds
If time could rewind
and things could be changed
I would give anything in the world
to get rid of my hurt and pain.




Many often have simple doubts of true love. In their hearts they know that true love only exists once.

True love cannot die, like ones soul it
penetrates through the sky. Love is something new to me,
the feelings

I posses are great to see when I have an angel sharing them with
me. I do believe you are that angel because you help mould me in many waysothers can't.

You are everything to me, like air I need you to breathe. You are the one who always keeps my head up high. Falling in love is something rare but like a rose IT can't grow anywhere.

To know I have found you is worth more than 1000 words for you my angel are the reason I yearn. You have your own kind
of style that sets u apart that's the reason you captured my heart.

What makes you different makes you beautiful. An angel like you is worth fighting for, every moment shared is cherished in my heart. You my angel are my life, forever you will be because a world with you is a world without me.

BY KIM CARRERA 29/08/2000


Secretly, you were always in love with me

But some how I always knew

Thats is probably because Secretly, I always loved you too.

Everyday made me love you more I loved you so much I wish you were galore
The way you held me
I knew you & your love were one in a million
But no relationship is perfect
They did not want us to be together, those
so-called friends And I guess thats where the story
ends If they knew how strong
our love was, they would just let us be Only if they
knew that our love was meant to last-eternally
If this world were mine, we would live a perfect life
Without fear, guilt, or strife
As you know this is Godless world
And if we were really meant to be
God will put us together, you & me
And if he doesnt It doesnt make him an awful
It would only sustain that God
Is truthful.



1st True Love

Love is something to cherish,
It always seems to perish.

So enjoy it while it's here,
Keep it close and dear.

When it goes away,
You won't know what to say.

Your heart will be so full,
And empty will be your soul.

Falling through your tear's,
Are those painful empty fear's.

Your brain know's it's right,
But all your heart can do is fight.

You'll wonder why it hurts so bad,
And if you'll always be so sad.

You won't want to love again,
Cause that's a place you've already been.

You'll lock your feeling up inside,
And from the world you'll start to hide.

Never wanting to show your face,
Thinking love is all a waist.

Not knowing the right one's out there,
Or just not having enough strength to care.

You've been hurt once before,
And not wanting to be hurt no more.

It's hard to open up your heart,
Once some one has taken it apart.

But it's something you have to do,
If you want to meet someone new.

I'm sorry it had to be me,
That opened your eye's, and made you see.

That the first love,
Is not always the, "one true love."

*I will always love you Seth*
* Love always Elisha * 27/08/2001


I Love you in the morning
And I love you in the night
I love you when you're wrong
As much as when you're right.
I love you when you're up
And even when you is down
I Love you when you smile
And feel badly when you frown.
I love those wounderful ways
You show me that you care
I love the safe feeling of knowing
You are there and you can always
Make me smile with the things you say
And do and that smile is made with
Love the love I feel for you.

By: Larry Joyner


A love that never ended

I never knew I could care for some one with all my heart and all my soul,
Some one I could share with all my dreams and every last goal.

For someone who has hurt me so much,
I never knew I would miss your touch.

But that's now the past,
And our love has grown so fast.

Right now my hearts so strong,
It feels as though nothing could ever go wrong.

I think of you day and night,
And love it when you hold me tight.

You're the sun light in my day,
And the words when I don't know what to say.

You're the stars in my night,
You're what keeps me smiling bright.

I wish I could make time stand still,
Just to let you know how I feel.

I hope one day you'll see,
How much you mean to me.

* Dedicated to Seth, Love always Elisha *



I have gone insane
When you broke up with me, Elaine
I have been slain by your profane
Can you explain why can't we maintain
Our love that taste like champagne


The Greatest Gift

Love is the greatest gift God has ever given to man
Symbolized by man and woman holding hands
Beautiful as a jewel, but it cannot be bought
Never is an enemy, it cannot be bought
Love is the greatest possession the world must know
It exists in a heart so warm that melts away the snow
But love must be understood wiselyAs girls want it blindly
And some boys misuse it
Hurting their sweethearts who believe it
Untrue love brings life’s misfortune so dark
It can only be earned by an honest heart
Love is the greatest gift God has ever given to man
It is everywhere in every land
The greatest lesson you’ll ever learn
Is to love and be loved in return.

A poem for Melanie Lather
By Son Nguyen


Have You Ever

Have you ever loved someone,
You thought,
Would be there till the end,
But at the last moment,
Ripped your heart to shreds.

Have you ever loved someone,
Who meant so much to you,that,
Your world caved in,
And you didn't know what to do.

I have lost someone,
Very special to me,
I just wish this person could see,
How much he is hurting me.

By-Heather 24/08/2001


There are no words to express
How much I truly care
So many times I fantasize of
The feelings we can share
My heart has never known
The joy u bring me
As if god knew what I wanted
And made u a reality
I’d die to hold u or kiss u
Or merely to see your face
My stomach quivers, my body shivers
And my heart increases pace
To give me money or lots of gold
Would not be the same to me
I prayed and wondered the distance stars
And finally you came to me !!

Luv always Mel
Steve 24/08/2001


Not A Clue

Your heart is yearning for her,
But you don't have a clue,
How much pain and misery,
She might put you through.

Your heart is yearning for me,
But you don't have a clue,
About how much,
I really mean to you.

Your heart is yearning both ways,
But you don't have a clue,
Who will be the best one,
The best one for you.


My heart is yearning for you,
But you don't have a clue,
About how much,
I really love you.

Lynn 24/08/2001


You'll never know how much I care.
My love for you is like fresh air

You'll never know how much I love you.
Anything you ask me I will do

My love for you is like pure gold.
How much I love you I never told

My love you is like the sun so bright.
When I see you it's such a delight.

My love for you is so big and bold.
I wouldn't trade you for a 100 pounds of gold

I've been loving you for so long
Your voice voice to me is like a song.

But now I'm her to let you know that
Our love will grow grow grow and grow.

By: Larry Joyner


Since You Have Been Gone
Since you have been gone,
My days are so much longer,
And nights are so much lonlier,
Then they have ever been before.

Since you have been gone,
My world has been closing in,
I feel as if,
I have nothing left,no reason to live.

Since you have beeen gone,
Nothing is the same,
I miss you so,
You'll never ever know.

Lynn 23/08/2001


I see you found a new love,
As perfect as can be,
How can I compete,
Compete with "she".

Can't you see I tried so hard,
So you would never find "she",
But I guess my trying wasn't good enough,
"She" beat me.

You said you loved me,
But i cannot believe,
You could ever leave me,

Well I hope your life with "she",
Is as wonderful as can be,
Boy I wish I was that girl,
Known as "she".

By-Heather 23/08/2001

Killing Me

You are killing me so badly,
I have no tears left to cry,
I try and try to forget you,
But nothing will let me by.

You are hurting me so slowly,
And painfully,
My only question for you is,
Did you ever really love me?
I guess not,
Or you would see,
All my pain and misery.

My life is over,
I want to die,
My eyes hurt so badly,
From all the tears I have cried,
My heart feels worthless,
All thanks to you,
How will I ever love again,
I haven't the slightest clue.

By-Heather 23/08/2001



Melissa 23/08/2001


MY Angel

This last week so special
with you did i share
I found a new love
to whom no one compares

A girl who is gentle prettie and kind
A girl who all day i have on my mind

At the first sight of you
it affected me much
from your hella fine smile
to your so very light touch

The whole week spent
so close together
I finally realized
I would love you forever

And when it came time
time for us to split paths
I became hella chicken
I sat on my ass

I knew what to do
and i knew what to say
but i held it all in
and it all slipped away

I didnt do anything
to fulfill my hearts desire
but my love for you
it burned like a fire

So now you are gone
theres nothing i can do
except sit here in bed
and wait, and hope to someday
in the future see you soon

-Michael 23/08/2001


The Last Day

Some nights I cry
Just wanna know why
Our love had to die

Some days I look up at the sky
Can't help but wonder why
Did our love have to die...

I remember when things were so fine
I was yours and baby you were mine
Maybe I'll find the strength to move on
Cause baby, now I know you're gone

But I'm gonna be strong
And I'm gonna rise above
Know you'll always be the one I love
Baby, it's all said and done
No turning back, not for anyone

I'm for sure
This time things are gonna be different
We can just be friends
It's just too bad,
Baby so sad

You're out of sight,
But I'm gonna be alright...

Dedicated to John (my Baby J)
Love always Daisy (your Baby D) 21/08/2001


The First DAy I Met You

I went to your house
that I did find.
shy as a mouse,
scared out of my mind.

You opened your door,
pushing your dog with all your might,
seems I fell to the floor
with love at first sight!

Watching t.v.
for somewhile,
could'nt help but notice
your big sweet smile.

Time flew by
we had to go.
I said goodbye,
I loved you so!

Walking home
with my friend,
my thoughts of you
never end.

I talked to you late
that night,
as fate brought us
oh so tight.

I was happy to know that our love will grow.
that my thoughts of you,
were your thoughts of me too!!




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