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by Janet/ Florida 3/12/2001


Never say i love you
if you dont really care
never talk about feeling
if they arent even there
never hold my hand
if you are going to break my heart
never say you are going to
if you dont plan to start.
never look into my eyes
if all youll do is lie
never say hello
if you really mean goodbye
if you really mean forever
then say youll try
never say forever
b/c forever makes me cry

by: michelle kilgore 3/12/2001



sitting...witing alone under the quiet li'l tree...
makes me wonder how life would have been...you and me.
must have been stars and angels in our sleep
scents of flowers and humming of bees

you wee so sweet, gentle and true..
that i wish i was the wind to you.
to touch your hair and feel your skin
caressing you, yet never seen...

if only i had those eyes and those lips...
i would have viewed the world as flowers in heap.
i would smile my way in every grave
knowing that every sould who sees is saved

i wonder how you do it...
i wonder how you knew...
hearts of stone can be softened too.
i wish i could go back to that tuesday night...
i wish i should have held you tight.

Gay are my days and my nights are bright.
For an angel was in my arms on a tuesday night.

-michael oliver zamora-roxas 3/12/2001

Angels Answer

The Angels' must have looked upon me,
Saw that I felt alone,
And sent a special man to me;
A love to call my own.

They made you true and kind,
you're wonderful and more;
That's how I knew you were meant for me;
That's how I could be sure.

I loved you right away,
I said I'd be your wife,
To cherish you forever more;
To share with you my life.

Together with our children,
our home will be full of love;
For that I thank the Angels
Who heard me from heaven above.

I pledge my faithfulness,
For Mike you've won my heart,
From this day forever more,
May we never be apart.

Hi, I just wanted to send this to you, this is my wedding vow I had, so me and my boyfriend Mike get married within the next year I plan on saying this.

Anney 3/12/2001


His name in the sand

I wrote his name in the sand but the tide swept it away

I wrote his name on my hand but i washed it today,

I wrote his name on a piece of paper but it got thrown away,

But i wrote his name in my heart and forever it stayed!!!

Hottiie 30/11/2001


Where are you?

I ran up the door and closed the stairs,

i said my pajamas and put on my prayers,

i turned off the bed and jumped into the light,

all because you kissed me goodnight!!!

Hottiie 30/11/2001


Where are you?

You once told me that nothing would ever come between us,
But now after itís all over I look around and you are not there,
The last time we talked was weeks ago,
I send you letters but you donít reply,
I call you but you donít answer,
Where are you?

At one time we were so deeply in love,
But now after we broke up you seem to not have any time for me,
Just because we are not an item doesnít mean that I donít care for you,
But still you have forgotten about me,
It seems as if you are trying to avoid me,
Where are you?

I stand alone searching for you,
No one knows how much I miss you,
But you obliviously do not miss me,
So goodbye my love,
Its time for me to go, so now you will ask,
Where are you?

By Ben Barnett 30/11/2001


The Darkness

Darkness I have felt
The love I have lost
The pain I can't erase
I try and try
But happiness is lost
I see and see you
I feel and feel you
The tears grow stronger
The days and nights longer
The bleeding can't be stopped
Its so slow and cruel
Why must I be in love
Love like this is to much
I can't sleep or breathe
How will I ever be able to be
Will I ever love again
The path is gone
My light has darkened
My heart is empty
My soul has died
So I guess this is goodbye
Oh the pain I can't erase

Christine 29/11/2001


wut i feel 4-u

I dont know how
I dont know why
I feel something
That ive never felt before

I hear your voice
And my heart stops
The things you say
The things u do

I love the way u tell me u love me
u are so sweet to me
and u are so special
i cant help wut i feel

but yet im scared
you might ask yourself why
Its just that ur too good to be true
I dont wanna feel the way i do

Im scared to feel this
Maybe u dont feel the same way i do
Maybe its just a game for u
It started as a game for me

And im sure for u too
But know its getting serious
im starting to like u
and i hope u feel the same way i do



Lost Sight

One day a boy was lost
he found the path to his heart
The moment was so right
His heart so yound and unleashed
Everything came togehter
Life was so right
He began a journey of life
Mistakes and Ignorance made his way
He began to lose his sight
Naive he missed his moment
She was so perfect and so right
He forgot the first kiss
The moments they shared
The love they had
Life was really right
But he got off track
it seems he can never get it back

Christine 28/11/2001


Love is

love is... when you can share each others thoughts
love is... when you think the same things
love is... when you see each other smile at each other
love is... when you do things for one another
love is... when you sit and listen to one another
love is... when you care about each others feelings
love is... when you take walks with each other
love is... when you can both sit down and work things out



The Love I feel Inside

The Love I feel Inside
makes me so confused
it makes me not understand
what does it take to be a simple man
I see true love within my eyes
I feel true love in my heart and soul
But do my eyes decieve me
I know the path I feel
The path is so clear
I see the love I seek
I feel the love I miss
How do I erase the shame
Do we ever get a second chance
I try to change the past
But learn my desire has its limits
The one I love seems so far away
But in my heart is right by my side
I see her day and night
when the moon is dark and the sun is bright
I loved everything she was
Everything I know she will be
It makes me so sad
Why can't it be with me

Christine 28/11/2001

Loving You

Loving you is not a very hard thing to do boo,
Anytime I get mad at you I'll just throw my shoe.
No, maybe I'll just sit there and be calm as a stump,
Or maybe I'll react like a hard bump.
Who knows what will happen,
Maybe I break up with you, or maybe I won't,
But I really really hope I don't.
This is all an act baby I'll never stop loving you!




How do I love Thee
I love thee with my heart
When Iím with thee I feel Love
The kind of love I never felt before
Why am I sitting here writing a poem
Crying to myself about love because I love thee
This gift of love that god gave me for thee
Will last forever and ever till I die
How do I love thee
I love thee with my heart
Why do we have to be far apart
When it just kills us both
Distance does not matter to us
why donít it , cause we love thee
Nothing will keep me from thee
Cause I love thee
Always have and always will
why will I cause I love thee
This Love I have for thee
Words cant explain
Nothing can explain it
But only one thing can
My Heart and Love for thee


Jason Wood 27/11/2001


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