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If you walk around thinking that the world owes you something, you will not only be challenged by life but also defeated. The world owes you nothing! You owe it to the world to challenge life.

1) Souls

Two souls reunited
Though space and time
A love never lost
Though long denied
Together again
Their hearts are linked
Eternity is waiting
For passion to speak
His hand touches her's
A fire is lit
An eternal flame
That will never go dim
Tears flow from orbs
As moist cheeks are touched
As embraces are made
As lips are met
Two lovers together till time is spent

2) Forever in Love

She was my first ++++++++ He was my last
Why did I leave her? +++++++ Why did he leave me?
I was a fool +++++++ I was a fool
I should have stayed +++++++ I should have held on
I know can't be together +++++++ I never should have let it happen
But we belong together +++++++ But we belong together
She was my light +++++++ He was my darkness
Two opposites +++++++ We were so different
But that didn't matter +++++++ Our love over came everything
She was my savior +++++++ He was my knight
My one true love +++++++ My one true love
I miss her more then life itself +++++++ When he left my heart died
But I survive +++++++ But I live on
A shell of what I use to be +++++++ A hollow being
Till the day we're together +++++++ Forever in love

3) One born of light, but touched by darkness
One born of darkness, but touched by light
Two ancient lovers destined to be together since time began
They were separated only to be reunited thoughtout history...

Neither death, nor time, nor the destruction of this very world can keep their souls from eachother...
Let all who try to oppose their union face witness to the light they both creat and submit
To their might, to their love, and to the prophacy that binds then together.

Unknown 725 A.D

Megan 02/06/2002


First Love, Forever

You say I was your first love,

So for me you will always care.

And if I should ever need you,

You will always be right there.

Canít you see that Iíve always needed you?

My love for you was always real.

I never thought your feelings would fade,

But you no longer feel what I feel.

You say it would only hurt us,

If we tried our love again.

But, I donít believe thatís true,

If itís love it will never end.

All I know is what my heart says,

And it tells me that we belong together.

I realize that you donít feel that too,

But always know that Iíll love you forever.


My Love for You

Iíve thought I was in love

Once or twice before.

Now I know it wasnít love,

Love means so much more.

My past feelings seemed so real

But then they faded so fast.

For you, I feel so much more,

I know our love will last.

The first time I met you

I knew you were something different.

Youíve shown me what love is,

And itís more than I ever dreamt.

The love I feel for you

Grows with every single day.

All my prayers were answered

The second you walked my way.

When I tell you I love you

I mean it with all my heart.

And Iíll be the luckiest girl alive

As long as weíre never ever apart.


The Depth of Confusion

I never knew the depth of confusion

Until I let myself fall into your trap.

Now I never know what to think

I donít know what I want or how to act.

I gave you so much of my heart

But you only used it for your game.

You didnít think about how much it would hurt me

When I found out your words were all lame.

Thoughts of you invade my head

And linger there for hours and hours.

I try to get you off my mind

But I seem to be a prisoner of your powers.

Oh, how I wish your feelings for me

Would someday be real and complete.

But I fear that there will always be

That part of you that has to cheat.

Thatís why I know I canít

Let myself fall for you again.

Your game will always be the same

And I will only get played in the end.


When the Time Comes

The time will soon come

That together we can finally be.

When the choice is up to you,

Will you really want to be with me?

Even though we canít be together now,

That doesnít change the way I feel.

Over the years the only thing that has changed,

Is that my love for you has grown more real.

Going everyday without being with you,

Has been the hardest thing to do.

The hope that we might one day be together

Has kept me holding onto my love for you.

Doubts of how you really feel about me

Have always been a burden to bare.

Do you really care about me like you say

Or will I soon find that you donít at all care?

You will always have a place in my heart

Even if things donít go as I want them to.

Always know that you are special to me

And that my love for you has always been true


This Pain in my Heart

How do I numb this pain in my heart?

How do I get you out of my mind?

I canít stand for us to be apart,

But to your true intentions I was blind.

All of these feelings I felt for you

Were never mutual like you said they were.

The whole time I was being true,

You just used me Ďtil you could go back to her.

I canít bear the confusion I feel

My thoughts everyday are filled with you.

Which of these many emotions are real?

Could it be love I feel for you?

You told me what we had was special,

How many times have you used that line?

To me, it is still so very unbelievable,

That you were never really mine.

I keep thinking back to our memories

You seemed to be so happy with me.

But you walked away with such ease

I guess you always knew Ďweí would never be.

So, now I guess the only thing to say

Is that I hope you are truly happy.

But, Iíll never stop dreaming of the day

That you will realize your love for me.


My Heart

Itís what my heart says

That I listen to.

Itís what my heart feels

That tells me what to do.

What my heart says to me

Is all I know of truth.

So why is it so hard for me

To tell that truth to you?

Despite the truth in my heart

I still hide my feelings for you.

Why canít I just admit

That my love for you is true?

Why do I try to hide it

Each time I look at you?

I guess itís the fear

That you donít feel it too.

Lorin Albin 30/05/2002



Karie-Lynn Goryl 26/05/2002


It Isn't Fair

It isn't fair...
that when I see you,
you don't see me
It isn't fair...
that thee wouldn't share,
yourself with me
It isn't fair...
about the way i feel,
isn't such a big deal
So i hope some day,
in some way,
we will be together for ever,
and ever...

By Kyle Chavez 26/05/2002

Loving You.

You are my wife,
For your life,
You give me joy,
and sex, oh boy.

Honest you are, devoted by far,
Intelligent too, God, I love you.

So funny and cute, pretty to boot.
Sweet as sugar cane, my love will never wane.

Religious, trustworthy, fine, I'm so glad you're mine.
What a find. You're also kind.

A sweet dear heart, my dear body part,
Flesh of me, if only you could see.

You cook and you're clean,
Not one ounce of mean.
My cutesy little thing,
Wear my wedding ring.

Forever, I'll adore you, forever explore you,
Mind, body, and soul, so lucky am I.

I married you, adore you, I do.
Thank you my sweet, I lie at your feet.

Carol Hollings 2/05/2002


"The one"

The one who can feel you every where,
The one who can smell you in the air,
The one who sees your smile in the mirror,
The one who can hear your shiny tears!

The one who dreams about you even when he is awake,
The one who thinks of you even when his head aches,
The one who is honest, loyal and not fake,
The one who wants you even when there is more to take!

The one who only sees kingdom by having you,
The one who only sees Vtopia by holding you,
The one who wants only joy and happiness surrounding you,
The one who wants to make your wished come true!

The one who wishes for you, each and every second,
The one who wishes, you with red roes on the bed,
The one who can be something more than a friend,
The one who guides you, all the way to the end!

The one who cant bare life without a shiny star,
The one who cant stand straight without your love,
The one who cant hold his heart when you pushing it to fall,
The one who cant fly when you deny his True Love!

The one who sees no girls except you,
The one who just want to be with you,
The one who will always be proud of Loving you,
The one who still Dares to stand and say I Love You!

Roshani... I'm the one.

(Sane Shokat Moghaddam) Shademan 25/05/2002

What did we once have?

I may be young,
and definitely naive,
but at one time,
I thought Love was a NEED.

I fell into lust
for way to long,
and when my heart bust
I felt like it was all your fault.

You said, "I love you"
and God it felt good to hear,
When I was with you
I felt like I had nothing to fear.

But one day I realized
There needed to a limit.
No more lies
I knew it was time to quit it.

For the most part
you just broke my heart,
You lifted my to high
When it wasn't yet ready to fly.

It dropped to the ground
and it hit so hard,
In a single minute
Everything we ever had was gone.

All you did was tease me,
use me,
and abuse me.

You teased me
By telling me lies,
Knowing I would believe,
I was right there by your side.

You used me,
Cause you knew if you asked,
That I would have to think twice.

And you abused me.
Scarred my heart,
Torn forever,
Left in the cold
To freeze in the icy weather.

So unless you plan to change,
Keep a distant range.

Cause I don't know how much more hurt,
My heart can endure.

FrnkPlyler 25/05/2002


After a break up

There is a empty place inside,
That is hurting me.
Aplace that keeps my heart out on it's own.
It's a place where words are spoken,
That you will never hear.
It's like an empty lung,
That won't provide the breath to express,
How much I hole you dear.
With all the weight, now, embedded upon my chest,
I find myself lying awake in bed.
Over and over thinking of you said.
Questioning my own heart,
And why I once again put myself in this position.
Concluding that what is done is done,
And I should leave it alone,
And not regret it.

-J. Coffey- 24/05/2002


Moonlight and candles,
Midnight and wine.
Two shadows start to softly combine.
Picture the painting,
It's one of the heart.
And for those who have seen it,
It's a true work of art.
Steam on the windows,
The salt in your kiss.
Two hearts have never pounded like this.
Passionate games-
Thundering moments of tenderness rage.
Fearlessly drawn,
Burning the night like the dawn.

-J. Coffey- 23/05/2002


I miss you

I see you eyes

I see you looking at

You see into my heart and you set me free

Free from the chains that hold me

Free from the hell I have lived in

Free from the darkness that has surronded me

I see your smile

It melts my frozen heart

I can't stand being apart

I see the sun setting behind you

the colors playing on your hair.

the golds and pinks dancing everywhere

I sit and cry myself to sleep

and wish you were here

I sit in my solitude

and i wait

I wait for the day when i can touch your angelic face

I wait for the day when you will take your rightful place

by my side forever

for all time.....

I miss you in my dreams

I miss you all the time it seems

I can not touch you when your so far

I can not feel you...you are my star

twinkling in my dark skies

shining down on me while I cry

I miss you

I miss you

Anthony Anderson 23/05/2002

"Once you start down the path of the darkside forever will it dominate your future"



I'll never know,
just where I stand.
In you're heart,
Or in you're hand.

I turn on the radio,
and there's our song.
I still don't know,
what I did wrong.

One day I hope,
you'll understand.
Be my friend,
Hold my hand.

You've always been,
In my heart.
Can't you see,
You're tearing me apart?

When I said,
it would never end.
I figured out,
never say never again.

Dedicated to my frist love
Micheal DeWayne Brotherton (I still love you!) 22/05/2002


Final Love

I searched and searched for a lifetime of love,
then there you were,like an angel sent from above.
The kind words you spoke were gentle and true,
Making a "Final Love" for me and for you.

Just when I thought that love had gone by,
You brought it back when you had arrived.
Now there is meaning back in my life,
When you asked me for my hand,to become your wife.
There's no other feeling that can even compare,
Then the "Final Love" that we now share.

The moment has come to join us as one,
No doubts,no fears,not a single one.
So take my hand,say those words to me,
This "Final Love" will always be.

By: Angela Chatfield
Mishawaka,Ind 22/05/2002.


My love
My love, the moment has come.
Once again we must part.
Knowing you doubt my love
Makes this heart of mine sore.
Three years werenít long enough
to prove my unconditional love
and so, my love, I must part one more time.
In hopes that what once was will once be,
I wish upon a star for whatís left of me.
To one day be able to reach your heart,
For I miss your hands caressing my skin,
For my body needs to be bared by your arms,
For my lips have not been able to erase your honey
like taste.
Yet, my love, my tears have once again found their way
The broken pieces of what once was my heart
And once again I must part from you, my love.

Brenda 22/05/2002

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