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"Love is a wonderful feeling"


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What is love??
Love is what you feel
When you look into someone's eyes
Not just anyone's eyes
But someone special
Someone who you think about
In your loneliest moments
Someone who you think about
In your sleep
You even think about then
In the middle of your happiest moments
Even when you're with that person
You think about them
But this only happens
When you're in love
With a special someone
My special someone was you.

Derek Pease 29/12/2001


Each day i live in this place
knowing the pain i have to face
I lay my life on the line
wanting to be with you one more time
to show you how I feel inside
would be nothing but one more crime
My love for you has grown
it's grown so strong ii wounder each morning can i go on
I sit and wait on the phone to ring
because you tell me you will call
i wait and wait boy your driving me up the wall
why would you waste your time
well i have apparently wasted mine
all because i want you one last time

Tabatha H 29/12/2001


love is hugging,
love is kissing,
love is when it's you i'm missing.
love is receiving,
love is giving,
love is all your raunchy teasing.
love is one formed from two ,
which makes it me and you.

Lori R 29/12/2001



We talked online
A time or two
You fell in love
I said, "with who"?

When we finally met
Many times we did try
Your love was expressed
In your 'puppy dog' eyes!

The love that radiates
From your body and soul
Goes right to my heart
I'm no longer alone.

To you, Dearest One
I give you my LOVE
And may it be blessed
By God up above!

Ellen O'Dell 29/12/2001


Love Questions

Loving someone and being loved is what I fear-to be with someone who's always near.
Love is so often misused, so often told, and so often abused
Why does love have to break your heart-why does love tear your soul apart
Why does falling out of love happen so fast- when love leaves why can't you see it pass
Why does falling in love cause so much pain-Why does love take so long to gain
Why do they say love is blind?-is it because it's gone before your eyes in a matter of time
Do you believe in love at first sight-do you believe love is what causes people to fight
Do you think love comes back to smack you in the face-do you think love is what everyone wants to embrace?
It's all just a question of love.

Naomi Jones-12/22/01


This Perfect Romance

why am I in love with you
when there are so many others out there
what keeps bringing me back to you
how can I still care
we have been there and back
but I just can't let go of you
I can't stop thinking about the past
and how you loved me too
but then maybe it's not over
because I just heard from you again
what do you think of me
I rate you a 10
you always made me laugh
I knew how to make you smile
don't leave me here alone tonight
stay here for a while
your brown hair and hazel eyes
always stuck in my mind
and whenever I think of love
it's you who I find
you never played games
you never broke my heart
you are different from other girls
you've been there from the start
Let's start over
get to know each other again
you say you just want to be with me
so do I... 'till the end
let's not move so fast
and maybe we can score
we're getting a second chance
let's not blow it like before
I'm glad that I love you
I'm glad that you love me
I think we were meant to be together
I think this could work... perfectly
because I love you
on our second chance
and you love me
in this perfect romance.

Anon. 29/12/2001


A Heart ( A poem for young women in love)

A heart is not a plaything,
A heart is not a toy.
So if you want it broken,
give it to a boy.
Boys like to play with things,
to see what makes them run.
but when it comes to kissing,
they do it just for fun.

Boys don't give their hearts away,
playing girls for fools.
When they say I LOVE YOU,
it's only to be cool.

A girl's sex is sacred,
so you better make a plan.
When you give your heart away,

Tammi B 29/12/2001


Love is a girl I know, she is the soul of true love, she is my life, my heart, my soul, my mind. She is everthing.

author c.j. age 10 29/12/2001


A Million Times

I have seen you a million times
And every time I see you
I fall in love with you all over again
My heart starts to race
My frown turns into a smile
And all my worries are now in my past
When you smile at me my heart melts
You give the sweetest hugs
Every time you hug me
Your smile is like a new day
Your sense of humor is like no other
The ability you have to make me smile
Is all you need you love me
Your laugh is so soft and sweet
Just looking in your eyes
Makes me melt inside
Your lips look so soft
Soft enough to kiss
You, yourself relive me from all pain
Your hands are as soft as a pillow
The way you comfort me is amazing
Every time we say good-bye
I start to cry
I say good-bye to you to many times
I said good-bye to you a million times

Never Mind 29/12/2001

[ I'm in Love]

This poem is dedicated to my beloved Tipsi

To pluck moments of love from the tree of time,
Firstly you should realize that Love is a sweet Rhyme,
When you feel like drowning in her limpid pool blue eyes,
When you start counting stars and gazing at the sky,
Then you can say "I'M IN LOVE"

Dinesh Singh Slathia (Rocky) 21/12/2001



i don't know what's happening to me
i can't get you out of my head
you're on my mind from when i wake up
until i lay down in bed

i dream about your touch
your soft lips against mine
i fantasize about being with you
our bodies sweetly entwined

i want us to be together
all through the lonely night
no one but me and you
holding each other tight

your words are so sincere
you taught my heart to see
i want so much to be with you
you're everything to me

listening to your comforting words
you take away my pain
you make my sadness disappear
when you kiss me in the rain

you have the sweetest smile
and the most amazing eyes
there's something special about you
you're not like other guys

i'm puttin in on the line
i'm laying my heart in your hands
maybe you'll return the love i have
or maybe you just won't understand

but i have something to say
and i promise i'm being true
what i'm trying to tell you is...
i'm in love with you.

Sharon 21/12/2001


It's all about love!

It's all about my Love and care,
these days both of them are found very rare,
I donn say that I'm the best for her,
but I'm sure that I'm the only one who look after her,
Whenever I look in her eyes,
With every blink i dies,
Whenever I found myself in her arms,
It's the only thing having it's own charm,
She's the only one,she's my treasure,
and i love her so much that no one can measure,
So whenever you love some one,
Do take care of her and have some fun,
Coz she's the only one,
only one,
only one!

dinesh singh slathia (rocky) 21/12/2001


You are my wings,
when I need a lift.
You are,
My Special gift.

We have had our troubles,
and have put them in the past.
Let's hope it never doubles,
to make our life last.

Please hold me close,
you have my heart.
Love me forever,
I never want to part.

My love is yours,
to have and to hold.
The joy you bring me,
is to forever behold.

You are my LOVE,
you are my LIFE.
It is my dream,
to become your WIFE.



The question

Hello my name is Angela
and I have to ask your advised
you see I think I've fallen in love
and God it feels so nice
I feel so high when I see him
I feel like I could fly
and when he says hi to me
I just giggle cause I'm shy
I just want to hold him
feel him in my arms
my heart is always racing
my knees are always weak
I'm feeling so excited
I'm not sure if it will last
Now let me ask you this question
and please be truthful to me
should I take a chance on him
is this meant to be?

Mitchell 21/12/2001

Love begins with a smile,
grows witha kiss
and ends with a tear.

Elaine 21/12/2001


From my Heart

For this last month or so
things have come and things have gone
but yet you seem to stay with me.
You seem to stay beside me
in my memories, my thoughts, and best of all,
you stay where i want you most, and that is in my dreams.

When i see you laugh,
something inside me jumps at that image,
as beautiful as you are to me,
and i truely believe that there's not another one like you,
yet you blow me away when i see you smile,
because just when i thought you couldnt be any more beautiful,
I find myself in complete shock that I was so wrong.
because you are.

To really tell you how i feel,
it would be impossible,
there's not a word i could say,
that would show and prove to you just how wonderful you are to me.
And even if i could find the right words,
i'm not sure if i would have enough papers to write it down.

When i'm with you and your'e around,
I want to say so much to you,
but the sight of you,
leaves me speechless.
and sometimes even breathless.
I care for you and only you.

Anon 19/12/2001


Crying For Love

You took me away with u, but now i'm lost in the dark.
You for got the best days,when u and me went for a walk.
You told me,"u love me".
You kissed me cause u want me.
Then one day you left me alone,on my own
in the dark.
Now, i'm alone,in this world
wandering here and there in this dark.
Now tell me!Where is your love?
Tell me! Oh please tell me!Where are you?
And what can i do with out you?
Tell me!Where can i go so that no one finds me?
Tell me!With whom i will share my joy?
Tell me!For whom i'll suffer my pain?
Tell me!oh please tell me!
Will u come back for me, me and only me?
Please!tell me a lot
that i loved to hear.
For me to show my wished tears.Tell me! oh please tell me!

Afshan Kamran 18/12/2001



Your touch is as soft
As the petal on a rose
Your kiss made me tremble
From my head to my toes.
Your beautiful big heart
How it welcomed me in
And connected with mine
With its warmth from within.
Your breath on my neck
Sent chills down my spine
And all of this happened
While we were 'online' !

Ellen O'Dell 17/12/2001


To the One Man I Love

To the one man I love
so deeply and true.
The only one who says to me,
"I love you!"

Your so special to me
Do you ever think that about me?
Has it ever occured to you
that you are the one and only for me,
and that we were maybe,
just maybe meant to be?

I hear myself asking these questions
only from time to time.
As I am hoping I will get them answered, sometime down the line.
Hopefully not before it's to late.
So I will not someday have someone
who makes my heart break.

I am saying this to you
because you mean a lot to me.
I still hope that there is a lot of love and joy
in this world left for you and me.
I also hope that maybe someday,
people will be able to see
that later on in life
we were meant to be.

I feel that you were made
especially for me.
God filled you with joy and lots of glee,
but only for you to give to me.

I have loved you always,
right from the start.
And at least I know
I'll have you always
deep down in my heart.

As I enclose this message of love,
I'd like to wish you lots of luck
and to keep in mind of the pretty white dove.
I also hope you know I'll send lots of love to you,
where ever you may be.
I will send my passion, and my love with lots of joy and lots of glee.

To the man I love,
So deeply and true.

By:Emily Evaline
Dedicated to Wesley Nicholson 15/12/2001


My Bestest Friend

When god gave you to me he knew
What you were worth
Cause he gave me the bestest friend
That ever walked the Earth

I know that your here to stay
When i need u your only a phone call away
When i feel like hope is gone
You always help me 2be strong,

When im down
Your always around,
Ill always be here for you,
When your down or feeling blue

For my best mate Antony !
Love Rebecca xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 15/12/2001


No good-byes

It hurts so much to think of the future
to think of how it will be without you there
if youíre not there i have no life
i have no reason to live
Iím afraid ill never be in your arms again
Iím afraid ill never hear you speak again
Iím afraid you will be suffering without me knowing
Iím afraid to feel lonely, depressed, without you
why? why cant i ever love without separation
why do i always end up in tears?
I may die because you arenít there but my love for you will never die
this wonderful feeling has become dry and bitter
this is when all the sweet things you ever said to me become knives
knives that stab me deep in my heart
this is the goodbye with no tomorrow,
a goodbye that is never-ending but it ends my life
i feel incomplete, like a part of me just died.
it may be good to be optimistic, but why lie to myself
why act like it doesnít hurt, acting wont stop it from hurting
ill leave the past behind but ill have nothing to go to, my future is gone
and the present is just a puddle of tears
ill never forget your smile, ill never forget you hugs
ill never forget you words, and much less will i forget your love
ill never forget the way you looked in my eyes,
the way your look said a million indescribable feelings
or the way you made me feel a million indescribable feelings
A few days ago the past i had with you seemed like my whole life,
but now it seems like not even a day.
But really, it was my whole life because the day you came into my life
was the day my life began.
Friday August 11, 2000
Now even if there is a tomorrow, saying goodbye is so hard to do.
Everyone says forgetting you is the best thing to do
but i couldnít, and i donít want to.
Youíre the Love of my life, I LOVE YOU
How can so much Love bring so much pain?
NO! no good-byes

Dedicated to Shay Ricar from Hayley 15/12/2001

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