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"Love is a wonderful feeling"


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Love in Your Eyes

Whoever said that love is blind is a lie
cause when i looked
i saw it in your eyes.
Everything that decribes beautiness
are examples of you
i never knew it was poooible to fall in love with you
Every night, just about,
i long for you
wishing you were in my arms
safeness and warmth is between us two.
All i want is to prove to you that there is no greater love
than i
whoever said that love is blind is a lie
cause i saw it in your eyes.

Anon 25/04/2002


Missing you

Didn't realise when I met you,
That I could really be in love,
But I know that it's true,
And we have created our love.
You are so great to be around,
I'm so happy whenever I'm with you,
You're always making me laugh,
It all just came out of the blue.
Now that you have gone,
I miss you more than ever,
But when you do come back,
Our love will last forever.
Whenever I'm thinking about you,
I can't help myself but cry,
I am in love with you so much,
I just can't sleep at night.
I miss your arms around me,
Nice, warm and in place,
I just can't seem to wait,
Until I see your smiling face.

by Kate Sunderland 25/04/2002


"Love is not always having to say I'm sorry."

Fernando 23/04/2002


Why is it when I look at you,
You always turn away,
And even when I talk to you,
You don't hear a thing I say.
Why do you always do this,
I would really like to know,
Is it because you hate me,
Please just tell me so.
Why don't you look at me,
Whenever I walk past,
When all you do is hurt me,
And just keep breaking my heart.
Why do you keep doing this,
And pretend that I'm not there,
When all this time I've liked you,
And know that you don't care.
Why are you doing this to me,
You should know it's so unfair,
You're my only true love,
But I know you'll never care.

Kate 25/04/2002


For You, Charles Nathan Simpson

Each night I fall asleep relaxed, with a smile on my face
And I know that there's no one else out there with as much love as you have placed
Upon my heart, Baby forever this is true,
All my feelings are promises, these that I say to you.
Nathan, I am going to love you forever and a day
And I sure do hope that you will always feel the same way
As I do Baby, and I have confessed
all my love for you and I feel blessed
To have you in my heart always, this is how I want it to be
For you mean so very much to me.
I cannot openly express to you enough about how you make my heart and soul feel
I just know that I have already fell head over heels
For you Baby, and because of you Baby.
Since we've been together sharing our love for one another
I can see us in the future still loving each other
With a big house, a couple of kids and dogs too,
What a beautiful thought of me and you.
I hope that we stay together forever, Sweetheart, do you feel the same?
I am so much in love, but who am I to blame?
I just want to say thank you for loving me the way you do
And I am happy, happy because I found you.

~ Erica Mercado 23/04/2002

Givin' up...

I'm givin' up on u...
Do u know y?
Probably not...
I just gave up on u because I'm just opening my eyes
and seein' u 4 who u really r.
I'm sorry 2 tell u this,
because I really thought that 1 day we would be 2-gether.
I'm sorry if this is 2 late,
but thats just how it went down.
I held on 4 as long as I could,
but u even made it hard 2 do that.
I used 2 think that if I waited long enough,
that u would get the hint...
but u didn't.
So now what I once hoped will never be,
and u know what?
I have no regrets 4 n-e thing!

by: Jessica Franco 22/04/2002



Soft and sensual with a delicate touch.
Slightly parted, not much.
A light breeze, a light rustle through the trees.
A touch of sweet ecstasy;
as they waver and then meet.
Our touch is light and sweet.
They open and our tongues embrace,
my eyes see the expression on your face.
As I fall against your chest,
you hold me.
And I feel at rest, all except the rush of joy
that slips past the rest 2 toy.
You step back, they open to speak;
but nothing comes out.
I feel weak.
Those lips of yours so full of bliss.
As we move in again for another sweet kiss

Jessica Frano 22/04/2002


"Ode to Stephanie"

Oh, raven-haired beauty,
ravisher of souls and
object of all men's wants
and desires:

Honor me with your touch,
or at least a brush of
your delicate fingers
on my skin;

Whisper words in my ear,
whether rhymes of sweetness
or demands of urgent

Give my eyes the pleasure
and sheer enjoyment of
your awe-inspiring
face and form;

Give my mouth the warm bliss
and waves of contentment
that only your own can
give to me;

and Grant me the delight
of basking in all that
you are, and all that you
are to me...

Charles 22/04/2002


Missing You

I need you back to me

I need your smile

I wish that you could hold me once more

When I need you

I love your soothing words

I love your comfort

I wish so incredibly hard

When I need you

I hate missing you

I hate the insane jealousy

It eats me up from inside out

I wish that I could have you back

When I need you

I miss you,

I love you

To: Jorge

Sincerely, Laura Longoria 20/04/2002


What You Don’t Know

What you don’t know

Your still in my dreams

When I’m at the movies

I wish you were there sitting beside me

I wish that your arm was wrapped safely around my shoulders

As I blindly watch the screen

What you don’t know

You are in my every mood

Every thought leads back to you

I see your face when I’m working

I see you smile and laugh

The way we used to

What you don’t know

Is that I will always think of you

What you don’t know

Is that I will always love you


~Laura 20/04/2002


Your Smile

Your smile says a million things

It says, “How are you?”

“I think your funny”

And sometimes its just to make you smile back

Your smile means a million things

It means, “I want to see you”

“I love you”

And sometimes its just to make you smile back

Your smile tells a million things

It tells, “I missed you.”

“Your the cutest.”

“Thank you.”

And sometimes you can’t help but spread the joy you feel

After you smile back.

~Laura 20/04/2002


Miracles Can Happen

I admired you from afar

I knew that I could never have you

The smooth way you talked to girls

The way you smiled when they giggled at your jokes

The way you looked so happy

Without me

That day when I ran into you

You stopped


And said, "Hi"

You made me so happy

I started running into you more often

Now that we knew each other

You would still smile

Still stop

But would say something different every time

Now that I am one of those girls

Who giggle at your jokes

Who make you so happy

I can now be happy

You said that you loved me

I didn’t know if I should say the same back

I just smiled

And let us into another world

Miracles can happen

Never doubt yourself

I know that I will always love you

So I said it back

~Laura 20/04/2002


We know each other since a bit
We din't use to talk to much
But now you read in me as in an open book
I feel your lips are sealed
So I can open my heart with no problems
I want us to believe in eachother more than anything
And I'll never say a secret
Because I want you to be always there for me
I just love you so much and I dont want you to change
Please stay always the same
Even if your sometimes strange
I love you the way you are
Even if we don't see eachother a lot
It makes me sad but I feel better when I realize
That you will always be... my best friend

Thank you Laura for being there for me. You will
always be the best friend for me even if I'm not for

Melyssa Elmer 20/04/2002


"What was lost"

You stand in an empty hole
A long strip of black is filled with stars
Lighting this emptiness
The moon reflects your feelings with a shine
A lonely night is holding you to the ground
Staring up at the stars wondering where is the one
Turning to the moon having it shine down on you
Finding your feelings of thoughts of what was said
The last words of your loved one
Saying when you look at the moon know that I am looking at it too
And with that I will be there holding you
But it has faded away now
The hole has just gotten deeper
The night resembles your love that was once strong and bright
Now it is a black blanket pulled over your eyes
The moon fading to black
This night getting dark with every passing that
The night gets colder with this emptiness
A search for a way
A way to find reprieve
All you know is that this darkness that covers you
Is your darkness your fault
Every night to you is a challenge
Of remembering of your loss
Always remembering to your self
Why did I let my love drink and drive?

Written by,
Travis Owens 19/04/2002


"Loves Dark Side"

>You have ended up in a hole
The hole that has swallowed your love
This emptiness that takes your heart
your soul struggled to stay with you
It was lost in the battle for love
This hole grow bigger as you let your strength slept away
Memories remain of the love that once was
What it was is no more
Life is a road that will never end
Your friends fade away as you run
Running from this emptiness

>This emptiness that grows in a hole of sorrow
*It seems as if you will never hit bottom
Your heart sinks more as your friend's faces seem untouchable
Feeling of loneliness grows with each step you take
The Road is full of nothing but hate
There is no love to be found
But there is so much pain with each glance you take
The feeling of caring so much for someone
Yet to find in the end they only took what they wanted
It feels as they stole a piece within me

*It makes me feel as if there is nothing else for me to give>I know that these feelings are overwhelming
Crawling in the dark is the way I go
This is nothing more than my feelings
My heart has ended up empty
I can't find the light of love
This pain has taken my life away
I know now only what is shown to me
I saw the world fade to black as I fell
Falling into an oblivion
There is no way to reach the new path
This path knows only hate and lost feelings
It has given me away to loss all that was dear to me
Like a blanket pulled over my eyes
This dark hole is endless

>An endless path of showing me all that I have lost
*This path shows me to the one love that I lost
It was something that I will never find in anyone I meet
Looking so hard to find that one has left me beat
I only see images of my love in this dark an empty hole
Feelings rush over me that I know I can't control
The feeling of being unable to grasp my image I saw
I felt as if my whole world was turned upside down
Losing friends that meant the most to me
Killed me inside and made the sinking become unstoppable
Clinging on to the ones I have left around me
Didn't give me the way out

*Only those who I lost would have helped made a difference
>To many memories of all this I have had
A lost inspiration a lost love is all there was for me
It was taken away all to soon
This hole was deep these feelings were deeper
These wounds will not heal
The thoughts of what I have had
Love was great love was hard
Seeing what it was ... was a little experience of heaven
A thought of the world fading away
A little expression of perfect
Now I seat alone out of the dark into light
My heart is gone with my loss
My feelings are a sorrow that will not leave me
Never taking my hand I lost it all in a flash
My soul, my love, my friends and my self.
Is this what will become of me an empty shell of nothingness
Like the hole that swallowed me?
I have given my last few words to the...
Unknown love I yet to find

>My friends are here to hear what I have to say.
*But I feel as though they may never understand
No matter how loud I speak I don't feel like there is a helping hand
Sitting here thinking about all my struggles
The light never seems to reach my withered face
It seems like the light overwhelms those around me
But never giving me the soothing rays of delight
Soon I begin to think what this world would be like
If I were never born, would it be better for everyone else?
Or would it be the same just without me?
I sometimes feel that my life has no point
I try so hard to make things meet, but in the end it all retreats
Nothing seems right anymore, all it is ... is just a blur
*It never ceases it just keeps whirling me in.

Written by,
Travis Owens 19/04/2002


Lots of Love

loving you is the best thing in my life
but this doesn't mean that we'll be husband and wife..
I can't foretell the future, I don't know what it holds
I can't say what might happen, before the futures untold.
I love you, I love you that's what I know
I love you, I love you and this love will only grow.
it has lasted through the days and been here through the nights
I'll love you in the good times, even when we fight.
baby I love you now and every min. within
my love for you feels so good that it has to be a sin.
before I let you go, before I end this
I'll seal it and blow you a little kiss.

love you lots

Leona 19/04/2002

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