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What is this?

When I say I love you

I mean not a word

What I say cannot be true

What I feel cannot be heard


Not a way to describe its presence

Nor a way for it to show

It seems to be my very essence

What to call this I do not know


It is an infinite delight

A desire without measure

Light feeling the darkest night

A heart filled with pleasure


I know not its peer

It makes me feel a joyous fool

It is what I hold most dear

It is my most valuable jewel


It holds the greatest bliss

With everything it took

I got it all back in the pleasure of a kiss

And the joy of a look

-Steven Allyn Rockey 08/09/2001



my love you took
my heart you crashed
my world you shook
my feelings you trashed

it ain't esy boy let me tell you
i ain't like the others i'll stay true
my emotions are hurt my feelings are crushed
there's this thing your lacking and it's called trust

by kimberly 08/09/2001



I love being around you even if its only for a little while.
I love the way you look especially when you smile.
When I see you my heart begins to melt.
I've told you many times the way I felt.
When I say I love you, I mean it with all my heart.
It somehow gets me through times when we're so far apart.
So believe that what I say is true,
These three words straight from the heart...
I Love You!

By: Franz



If I can speak beatifully and sing like an angel , but I donít love
others , I sound like a child banging on a piano or screeching radio .

If I am very clever, almost a genius , if I can figure out the hardest

problems and understand other languages , but I donít love others , I am nothing .

If I give all my toys away to poor children , even give up my clothes and

my home , but I donít love others , what good is it ?

Love will queue up and wait its turn .

Love looks for good in others .

Love doesnít always want what others have , and it doesnít boast about what it does have .

Love is polite, even when the other person is rude .

Love doesnít always have to be first .

Love doesnít get angry over small things , and it doesnít remember one reason after another to be hurt .

Love isnít happy when someone else fails but is happy with the truth .

Love will always protect others , especially those who are often picked on or teased .

Love always believes the best about others and is steady and true .

Love never gives up . Preaching will stop one day . So will speeches .

Knowledge will come to an end . Today we only know part of what
there is to know . We can preach and speak only with a small part of

understanding , but when perfection comes then what is imperfect will go away.

I am now young , and so I talk and think and speak like a child . When I

become an adult I will put childish way behind me . Now we see

only a poor reflection , like a mirror ; then we will see face to face

Now I only know part of what there is to know ; then I will know fully

And will be fully known.

Only three things really matter in life :

faith , hope and love .

But the greatest of these is LOVE

written by : elaine 08/09/2001


No 1 Girl

Everynite before I go to sleep

I think of you Ė your smile so sweet

Your wonderful smile lights up my day

Youíre perfect in every single way

When I see you smile

I see a ray of light

That shines brightly thru the nite

When I see you smile

I feel that I can face the world

Cos you are alwiz there for me, my number 1 girl

written by : elaine 08/09/2001


"u hurt me really bad"

u hurt me really bad,
with some of the things u say,
things have changed between u and i,
changed in a very bad way.

are u f**** happy,
that ur such an asshole,
ur such a fucking idiot,
i hope you you've achieved ur goal.

why don't u just go out with her,
she's not going out with beau,
i just want u to realise
she's a f*** hoe.

but i don't really care anymore
cause i am moving away
and i don't really give a f****
whatever u have to say!



If i had a thousand wishes,

I would wish 4 u to be rite here with me.

If i had a thousand dreams,

We would be floating along the deep blue sea.

If i had a thousand words,

I'll speak freely of my love so true.

If i had a thousand moments,

I would want to spend them all with u.

It's during times like this,

that we both need each other.

We will stand strong - be together,

from now on,

till the day when we will see

that we were alwiz meant to be!

written by : elaine 08/09/2001


For the 1st time i look into ur eyes,

there's just this feeling inside,

i think about u day n night,

and i just can't keep this feeling inside

sometimes when i go to sleep at night

i'll hold my pillow tight thinking of u till it hurts

but i noe sumday u're mine n

sumwhere u r thinking of me too

time keeps passing by n i feel so alone

when u r not around

but dreaming of us together

just makes me feel much better

i just wanna hold u in my arms really tight

n never let u out of my sight

althought u never say it

i know i'll see it

cuz i feel it, i noe it

that nuthing can cum in between the 2 of us

if we keep our love strong n true

and u noe that from the bottom of my heart

i just wanna tell u that i love u

with all my heart and all my soul

u're the only one

that i've ever dreamed of

and deep down inside

i hope u'll feel the sameway too

and words just can't express

written by : elaine 8/09/2001

The Love I have for Tylese

The love i have for you is the love like for life hopes of you being my girl one day even my wife the love i have for you is pride and true visions of an all white dress and tux and you saying i do the love i have for you is also real i'm telling what i hear and also what i fill the love i have for you is loud like thunder when it roars or the sudden boom like when slamming a door do you have love for me i just want to check but you keep playing your game becuase i can see you aint ready yet.

by joe aka gunz



the stars above us

you and i above the skys looking down
so brave and high....
i look at you as you smile,
thinking to myself what this all means and,
if you have any idea why we are together
up here above the skys.
i ask you why you'v traveled so high
and you answered
" the butterflys in my stomach brought
me up here because the angels told them
my chocolate covered styrawberry was
up here waiting for me."
my eyes sparkeled because the
angels had told me too.
i didnt have to say anything because
you and i knew why we were up above
the sky so brave and high together.
to my teddy bear with love stormi weather



In To SpAcE

As YoU sHoOt InTo SpAcE
yOu SeE tHe StArS cOmInG tOwArD yOu
YoU lOoK bAcK tO sEe EaRtH sLoWlY DiSsApErInG
sLoWlY fAdiNg InTo SpAcE. aS YoU sHoOt ByE aLl
ThE pLAnEtS.... ThEy LoOk
aS iF tHeY wErE sPaCeD DiReCtLy AcRoSs
FrOm EaCh OtHer As If SoMeOnE PlAcEd ThEm ThErE
tHe CoLoRs SwiRl ToGeThEr LiKe PaInT MiXeD
YoU fInDlY LaNd oN thIs PlAcE YoU'v NevEr
SeEn BeFoR! YoU GeT OfF aNd StEp OuT.... YoU
HoLd YoUr BrEaTh AnD ClOsE YoUr EyEs So YoU cAn
Be SuRpRiSed... YoU oPeN yOuR eYeS aLl
OfF a SuDdEn YoU cAnT BrEaTh!! YoUr HoLe BoDyS
gOnE nUmB. yOuR ToTaL ShOcK! YoU bLiNk yOuR eYeS
AnD PiNCh YoUr ChEeKs To MaKe sUrE yOuR
nOt DrEaMiNg...ThEn yOu ReMembEr WhAt YoU DiD
To sEe AlL ThE aLiEnS wItH bIg HeAdS sWiRlIn
tOgEtHeR! It WaS SHRUMS yOu DiD.....
ThOsE NaStY tHiNg. BuT HeY yOu GeT tO
sHoOt InTo SpAcE rIgHt? So MaYbE ItS NoT So
BaD aFtEr ALL...........



I never really knew you
you were just another friend,
But when I got to know you
I let my heart unbend.

We spent some time together
and came to be as one,
I hoped it'd last forever
cuz you were so much fun.

So now I've fallen in Love with you
and I'll never let you go,
I love you more than anyone
I just had to let you know.

And if you ever wonder why
I don't know whatt I'll say,
But I'll never stop loving you
cuz life is perfect this way!

The way I feel will never change
so know my Love is true,
Just remember one wonderful thing
Jeremy, I Love you!

To Jeremy, Love, Natalee Sorge


Gurl I don't know what's going on between us
It's like we have this special wit crazy trust
I mean I only knew u for a short while
But, it feels like i knew u ever since I was a child
I feel closer to you then any other female friend I have
It's Like wit you I can always keep it real
I can always tell you how i truly feel.
Damn, I wish you were at least one state away somewhere near
Better yet right here
Next to this loving teddy bear
You put this permanent smile on my face
When we talk I feel like I'm in a heavenly place
I don't want to be like all the rest
I can be a man and tell you do have this special place right here in the left part of my chest
Just cause your far from me
Doesn't mean there's no obstacle that I won't overcome so we can meet.
So just sit tight
No if ands or might
Someday we will see each other
And I know that's the day our lives will be much better.



The day I saw your gorgeous brown eyes, to my own hearts surprise
In love with you I fell.
The hatred I felt was dull and untrue...
Then entered into my life was you.
The sun was brighter
The night was filled with passion.

I had in my head a life so full of many blissful dreams,
only a memory now it seems.
I asked you to love me, I asked to much.
No one can offer me your tender touch, no more pillow talks
or midnight moonlit walks.

No more stars in my eyes only moanful sorrows and cries.
I am without you now and still want to be so near, my only comfort is to remember and shed a single tear.

I asked you to love me, I asked to much
I am cursed to love a man that I can no longer touch.
I have no one to laugh with only pictures and a e-mail
to write to. No physical contact, only to wonder why?
Why did I let you into my life,how could you cause me so much pain?
All I wished for was to be alone,
Then I met you and wanted a home.

I asked you to love me,I asked to much.........

By: Summer Vasquez
Dedicated to Jose Silvera. The one to make my heart alive again.
Thank you


Case of My Ex.

I'm sitting alone in my room,
Surrounded by clouds of gloom,
I'm thinking of him and only him,
Coz he's my ligt whenever it's dim.

3 months ago, he was mine,
Before him, no one ever looked so fine,
He was there for me to have and to hold,
In warm weather or whenever it's cold.

It's just too bad he had to go,
Though how much I said to him no,
I thought at first he's here to stay,
But he was mine for just 30 days.

I loved him so, oh boy, so true,
And how i thought he loved me too.
I was so dumb i didn't have a clue,
Not until he told me, "Girl, it's through!"

I can still recall the date and time
When he uttered that hell of a line,
"It's through, girl, so don't page or phone,"
That's the message he left after the tone.

I cried for him day and night,
I loved him more when he's out of sight.
How I wish I could meet him again
And heel all my sorrows and pain.

Deep down inside I'm still waiting for him
But i know that dream will remain a dream
Though how much I said I want him back
He didn't, hadn't, won't and will NEVER come back.

By: Nur Suhanah Rusdi


i LeT hIm Go...
BuT hE cAmE bAcK tO mE...
dOeS tHaT mEaN hE's MiNe?
Sue ~4zIe


Title: Danielle

Because I am with you
You are with me
So deep in our hearts
No matter how far we be
Because I am with you
All mind, body, and soul
So true is our love
We shall never let go
Because I am with you
Never tempted I be
Nobady can replace you
For meant, we are to be
Because I am with you
Together we gleam
Let's share this love together forever
Not let it pass like a dream

Nathaniel, 02/09/2001

I Never

i never had anyone bring me up when i was down
i never had someone make me smile away my frown
i never met anyone that was as amazing as u
i never had feelings that were so real and true
i never held a hand and thought that i could melt
i never actually enjoyed the way that i felt
i never kissed a pair of lips that were so very sweet
i never thought it was possible for a boy not to cheat
i never had someone that could make me laugh and smile
i never had a person to just talk to for awhile
i never felt happy when i looked into someone's eyes
i never thought that what people said were anything but lies
i never had someone that i could tell things to
i never told anyone anything until i met you
i never actually felt good about the way that i was
i never had someone that called me all the time "just because"
i never had someone hug me so very tight
i never had so many dreams about someone in one night
i never had someone that could make my heart dance
i never knew i wanted to be with someone after just one glance
i never thought i would be with one person for so long
i never thought about anyone when i heard a love song
i never thought i'd have any of these things, i just didnt have a clue
i never thought it was possible until i met you

BY: AMANDA PARISI, 02/09/2001

Tylese I Love You

Tylese you are love the light the dark, pain and pleasure your rare you would have to search the four corners of the world to come across a rare jewel like yourself.what is a heart you ask a heart is an untold love storyand a dream is a hearts wish and my heart wishes for you and for them same little reasons thats why i love you.


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