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The Gift

An elderly couple woke up on Christmas day.
The husband went in the living room the wife brought in a coffee tray.

They both sat down and took a few minutes to awake.
After forty Christmases this would be forty-one it would make.

When they were both awake and their heads where clear.
The husband looked at the wife he said I have a special gift this year.

The husband reached down to the gifts and pulled one of them away.
He said we will open all the gifts but beside me this one will stay.

The wife said okay I guess that one will be a surprise.
The husband said yes this is a gift of love that never dies.

Then they started opening presents to them both this was always so fun.
But the wife out of curiosity could not take her eyes off that one.

Then came the time when there were no gifts left under the tree.
The husband said would you like the one that holds your curiosity.

Then the old man slid the gift across the floor.
The old women with a smile did not know what was in store.

Then the women started opening the gift she could not wait to see.
But to her surprise this box was totally weight free.

When she finally opened this box there was nothing held within.
Then she looked up at her husband on his face he held a grin.

Then the wife said in confusion there is nothing at all in this.
Then the husband said look closer as he gently laid upon a kiss.

The husband said in this box there's forty-one years of love.
It also holds a blessing for us from the lord above.

Also for all the times that you would hold a fear.
In this box I give to you an endless lifetime of care.

Also many of times I've seen your tears drop upon our rugs.
So you will also find forty-one years off hugs.

Also for all the fights when you would cry yourself to sleep.
I am giving you all the sorrow that I have ever held so deep.

Also for any times that we had to be apart.
In this box there are so many thank yous for your ever so loving heart.

Then he said emotionally without withholding any tears.
Thanks for being the love of my life for the last forty-one years.

By Joseph Eaton 01/02/2001


Heart Breaker You.

Here l'm sitting,
in the middle of the night....
sweating,thinking of you.
I see the stars above
and i envy them..
because they can see you now.
I ask myself,
what i saw in you..
to love you so much?
The answer to which...
i'm still searching!
I feel like an insect in the darkness
and you as the lamp....
I feel like a traveller in the desert
and you as the water...
Oh...the pain of separation,
it is too much for me to bear.
Everynight i dream of you
and i wake up with your vision
which is the window to my day.

- sachin_434@hotmail.com 31/01/2002


"My Wish"

When we first met,

I didn't like you very much,

But as we got closer

I was attracted to your special touch.

You constantly came to me in my mind;

My soul,

My heart,

I was scared to tell you I liked you,

I was nervous from the start.

Friends is how we started,

Each day different and new,

I never wanted us to be parted

Then came a time when I relized, I really did love you.

We started talking more and more to each other,

Then a wish came to me everynight,

A wish that had said..

" Someone as special as you? Could there be no other in sight?"

I finally got my wish come true, of you and me;

You are so loving, caring, and true.

No one will take you away, we'll be together for eternity,

Because, now I really do love you!

By: Ashlee Amato

Dedicated To: Josh Monds 30/01/2002



When I look at your picture my eyes swell up with tears of delight to know
that you are my friend . How could God love me any more by sending you to me
how could a man such as I love so complete so well so right, how can a man
such as I can be so lucky to be were needed to be to find you that night. I
thank you from the bottom of my heart for your picture and my tears of

Bryan Chilton 29/01/2002


The Air I Breathe.

I love falling into your eyes,

Sinking beneath the surface of your skin

And finding your heart.

I tie it to mine and breathe you in,

A breath Ill always hold and never let go.

I love missing you and finding you once more,

And being reminded of how beautiful you are,

Time apart only tugs at the strings of my heart

It makes me feel so lost until I find you again.

I could hold you and never let you go.

I could breathe you in and fill my lungs until they almost burst.

I just want you to always know,

That Id be lost without you.

Id be blind.

For the kindness and sweetness that you give,

Is something I could never live without.

It makes me laugh, makes me smile,

Makes me think that, with your blessing,

Well last for longer than a while.

And Ill hold you always.

In my arms.

Inside myself.

Fragmented thoughts of your scented smile will never leave

My mind. A smile I could kiss forever,

As soft as the petals of springtime

And as beautiful as a moment remembered for a lifetime.

And that is every time our lips meet.

So I thank whatever brought us together,

And I wish every night that what we have,

Will last a little longer than forever.

By David Rogers. For Jo (V. Day) 22/01/02.


The sun glistens on the water
Making it sparkle and shine
It almost seems alive to me
This touches my heart

I hear a loon cry
All alone in the night
Her song haunts me
This touches my heart

I see a rose growing in a bed of sand
Struggling to survive
It seems to cry out for help to me
This touches my heart

I hold a new born baby in my arms
Opening it's eyes to a strange new world
It's crying for it's mother
This touches my heart.

All of these things touch my heart
But none near as much
As when I see you smile

PEI, Canada 27/01/2001


He gave her an ever-lasting red rose

Deep red as pure blood

She gave him a heart-beating kiss

Under the silent flowering sky

Two lovers devotions to one another

Both captivated by a word called


Anon 26/01/2001




Dream Guy!

Is this a dream or is it a nightmare? who is this guy I truly love? Should I tell him how I feel deep in side.
All my thoughts and dreams have been locked up with emotions trying to figure out the right path to take.
Is he a hero? or that kinda guy who likes to listen to others? He is that kinda guy that's love to hear my thoughts and dreams and hopes or is he a knight that will rescue his princess? or is he a bight shining star that every one loves? Who is this Dream Guy I truly love?

by Annie Callahan 22/01/2001


Endless Love

Long ago there was a time, when love seemed endless and so did time.

There was a boy who stole my heart, he made me special from the start.

He showed me love like no other. He was my first, there will be no Other!

I was young and foolish it seems, filled with silly thoughts and hopeful dreams.

I took for granted those caring eyes, and left them filled with endless cries.

The years have passed and made me wiser, only to be left with my desire.

Although young and immature was I, I never have forgotten those loving eyes.

I realize now the price of pain, and I look to myself to grieve in shame.

I see the love that I have lost, through years of second-guessing and mindless thoughts.

As I look back and see my past, I struggle with the mistakes I cant take back.

Life is learning I tell myself, with my broken promises, I ask for help.

For sincere love is hard to find, in a world filled with selfish crimes.

With each and every day I grow, I love him more than he will know,

He touched my life, and made me see, how beautiful life can be.

Never will I forget those honest eyes, for the love they carried I hold deep inside.

For he is my endless love you see, and he will be within me for eternity!

Bethany 22/01/2001



Don't you want to lay it down
Feel your skin against the ground
Don't you want ride the storm
Then sleep inside the calm
Don't you want to get that high
Don't you want to be satisfied
Don't you need
Don't you want
Don't you cry
Don't you feel
Don't you bleed

Marcy 21/01/2001



When we first met I knew we were right
If we were together my world she would light
I cant stop thinking bout her, her laugh and her smile
Just waiting to see her is always worth while
When the time is right I'll tell her and then she will know
My thoughts and my feelings I just wanna show
But when I want to tell her I don't know what to say
Cuz when she gets near the words just float away
I want her for what she got I don't even need to score
 Every minute that we're apart makes me wanther even more
I think that she's the one, she's perfect for me
And I'll be the same that's what I want her to see
She's more then everything I need she's a dream come true
But it's the things that I could see that no one ever knew
I cant stand being alone especially not with her
I'll take my time to tell her but maybe I'm not sure
But then I like her so much the feelings I cant deny
I don't want her to think that I'm like every other guy
She's notlike every girl and that's what I see
Just having her as a friend means so much to me
When we're together she'll never feel pain
She'll be so happy and her life will never be the same
 its because I like her so much and I cant always get my way
But the feelings always grow each and every day
We spend time together just as 2 friends
This friendship is so great and I hope it never ends
But I want her more then a friend her man is what I want to be
For everyone that wants her, her heart belongs to me
I've already gave it away its easy to tell
Right into love maybe I fell
I realize that it seems that she kind of likes me too
And I could tell in her eyes that she knows that I do
It was time and I said it and her answer seemed to stall
She said she's not sure and she'll give me a call
Maybe she doesn't want a man or maybe we're just not the trend
Even if her answer is no I'll still be a good friend
Then the phone rang And to a surprise her answer was yes
But the rest of my feelings are to hard to confess
And now we're a couple and happy we are
I'll treat her like a queen and I know we'll get far
But now I'll take it slow to show her I really care
And just like a friend I always be there
Just to find her heart maybe the waiting was all a quiz
I use to think that she was the one, and now Iknow that she is.

Jay 20/01/2001

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