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"Love is a wonderful feeling"


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Why does our love have to be like this?


Far away like the sun and the moon

Never getting to meet one another.

When we do meet its like the sun and the Moon reunites just like an eclipse,

You put the world to its darkness

and nothin can be seen but you and me,

As we stand there arm in arm

Shinning bright as our rays spread the Velvet sky.

Baby why does it got to be like this?

Why cant you be with me always,

In my arms to hold during the lonley nights?

Why do i have to wait for so long?

Just for one sweet kiss or simply a hug.

Its just so hard not havin you here with me

and seeing others all loved up.

Without my other half

I feel incomplete without you,

Thats how im feelin now.

Somethin inside me is missing.

Im still waiting for you to be with me

Once again,

And ask why does it have to be like this?

"This is dedicated to my baby 'Canh'"

Minh Phan 8/12/2001


All I Can't Say

There's so much I can't say
When I look into your eyes
I'm worried you'll reject me
And hurt my foolish pride
Each day this love grows stronger
But I could never let you know
There's so much behind my smile
That I could never show
I'd holp you for a lifetime
If you would let me in
I'd love you like no other
But I'd love you even better
Every time I see you
You are holding on to her
The pain is like a knife
Cutting deep into my soul
So I'll just dream of us together
Or just how it could be
And all that you are
Will remain a part of me

Mary Grace ... 9/12/2001


Roses are red, violets are blue sugar is sweet and so are you.
Billy I will love forever and ever i cant wait til we get married so
we can be together for now on.

love ashley taylor 8/12/2001



You are my flowing river
A tribute to the stars
The moon so lightly shining
Wind flowing oh so far

Gentle words are spoken
Truth may be revealed
With you I am unbroken
Eyes will glisten with the tears

Tears that will yet wonder
Through the endless fields
Passions finding way throughout
My hearts feelings which are real

Real dreams I will surrender
For your eyes to stare in mine
I sacrifice my true thoughts
We'll be together in due time

Time which is in agony
But I will patiently wait
Wait for touch as yours to me
Together finally is our fate

As each day will turn into
An endless truthful memory
Your heart in mine will remain forever
Together in loving harmony

Owen 8/12/2001


To love someone, you must love yourself first, then you are capable to love somone!

Bernadette Vong 8/12/2001



I want you here with me, but I know that can't be.
I miss you so much, but what I really miss is your gentle touch.
I Love you with all my heart, and that makes me not want to part.
You were always mean to me, so I sit here and think how much better it could be.
I'm tired of crying myself to sleep, while your out trying to cheat.
Not a day goes by that I don't want to cry, and I wounder why.
Why do you want me to cry???

By Erin Reynolds 8/12/2001


"The First Time"

The first time I saw you,
I was afraid to talk to you.
The first time I talked to you,
I was afraid to like you.
The first time I liked you,
I was afraid to love you.
Now that I love you,
I'm afraid to lose you.

By: L.Jones 8/12/2001

God's Gift's

I was once confuced I thought that I would never find true love and when I was about to give up I preyed to god to send me someone and he did . She was more than I asked for she was not olny bueatiful she was smart and caring to .I belive she was ment to be one of gods angels but he decited to put her on earth instead because he knew I would be missing something in my life without her. You can have every thing but without true love you donít have it all and that is what I found with her and I was finiley comeplete

I had the one thing every one is looking for and I am happier than I have ever ben and I think god every day for giving me this gift it was more than I thought I deserved because she is wonderful . She is the love of my life. So now I wonder what have done to deserve someone so special and then I remebered that god answered all prayers maybe not when we want them but he will all we have to do is searve him and obeay by his laws . It might be hard some times but he will reward us and not just on earth in heaven to. You might think it is wonderful on earth but it doesnít even start to comepare to heaven . So if your not saved or if you donít no the lord I hope you do befor it is to late and if you do not belive in prayers I hope this story shows you that prayers do come true and now I have just one more prayer that I hope that comes true and that is that every one in this world we be able to exspearince true love at least once in their lives not just for a man or woman but for the lord to and I promise you if you turn your life over to the lord my preyer will come true well Iím going to end my story with that but I challenge you before you do any thing ask your self what would jesus do

Jims Story 8/12/2001



What did we do that was so wrong?
We laughed, we loved, we shared,
we talked, we were happy!
We had it all and now its gone
Just taken away without a say.
Life is hard enough as we both knew
We were each others rock.
Both friends and lovers and who'd
want more but now we can't even talk.
What will I do, where will I turn
I've no one left to trust.
What gives them the right to take away
whats not theirs and make us hurt so
I loved you then and I love you now
and that they'll never touch
You'll be in my heart night and day
even though it hurts so much!
And no matter what they say or do
I will always love you!

Also here is my favourite quote -

We cannot live only for ourselves.
A thousand fibres connect us with
our fellow men: and along those
fibres as sympathetic threads, our
actions run as causes and come back
as effects!



Loving someone iz not the heardest thing in the world..but getting him to love you bak iz the problem. Have you ever loved somebody so much that when you think of him it makes your eyes fill up with tears..n you feel like you don't mean anything to him?? He'll open up your eyes by juss one kiss but when you ask him to love you he says that we were only meant to be friends??*::. YoU MaY FinD YouR TruE <3 SomedaY AnD NoT EveN KnO It UntiLl YoU RealizE YoU NevA LuveD NeonE As Much As HiM:*:



Angels Answer

The Angels' must have looked upon me,
Saw that I felt alone,
And sent a special man to me;
A love to call my own.

They made you true and kind,
you're wonderful and more;
That's how I knew you were meant for me;
That's how I could be sure.

I loved you right away,
I said I'd be your wife,
To cherish you forever more;
To share with you my life.

Together with our children,
our home will be full of love;
For that I thank the Angels
Who heard me from heaven above.

I pledge my faithfulness,
For Mike you've won my heart,
From this day forever more,
May we never be apart.

Hi, I just wanted to send this to you, this is my wedding vow I had, so me and my boyfriend Mike get married within the next year I plan on saying this.

From Anney 8/12/2001



Sitting...waiting alone under the quiet li'l tree...
makes me wonder how life would have been...you and me.
must have been stars and angels in our sleep
scents of flowers and humming of bees

You were so sweet, gentle and true.
that i wish i was the wind to you.
to touch your hair and feel your skin
caressing you, yet never seen...

If only i had those eyes and those lips...
i would have viewed the world as flowers in heap.
i would smile my way in every grave
knowing that every sould who sees is saved

I wonder how you do it...
i wonder how you knew...
hearts of stone can be softened too.
i wish i could go back to that tuesday night...
i wish i should have held you tight.

Gay are my days and my nights are bright.
For an angel was in my arms on a tuesday night.

-michael oliver zamora-roxas 8/12/2001



Never say i love you
if you dont really care
never talk about feeling
if they arent even there
never hold my hand
if you are going to break my heart
never say you are going to
if you dont plan to start.
never look into my eyes
if all youll do is lie
never say hello
if you really mean goodbye
if you really mean forever
then say youll try
never say forever
b/c forever makes me cry

by: michelle kilgore 8/12/2001

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