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Petaled Love

A flower in the morning wind
petals kissed by the sun gives to bend
alone it dies in the cold middle night
my love for you with it goes out of sight
we've drifted to far to see
that we're not in love
not you and me
i'm sorry we've gone
that long long path
only to find it wouldn't last
but have not any fear
i wouldnt trade our time together for anything my dear
for I loved u then and part of me still does
but my heart has past as was
the flower's seeds spread to a new
and I will find myself with someone true
true to me and true to my heart
this man, this one, we shall never part

Alison 28/03/2002



why is it that guys like to hurt girls?
why is it that they tell us they love
us when they really dont?
why is it that they say they care and
they wanna be their when they really
why is it that they lie to us all the time
and we dont even know?
why is it we beleive them when they tell us
these things?
why is it that we hurt?

By Sandra 28/03/2002


Is This Love?

Do you love me are do you love the fact of love itself the superficial word that commonly bonds two People together in a state when they feel they are in love. So what really is the love that your pulchritudinous radiant self has for the paragon model gentleman that is sitting right in front of your ravenously beautiful body? Do you really adulate me or do you just say you do? You are my darling my everything, the fondness adoration, and devotion I have for you is far greater than any other feeling I have ever had for anyone I have ever known or met. I am a very sensitive well kept man with a lot to offer, the only thing standing in our way is the strong word "love", I have to know if you are yearning for my love our you just have a blandish flirty dealing with my sensitive heart. When I figure out this part of the puzzle we will be an inseparable force that no one can break and we will live like the storybook endings. Just show that your unadulterated love means more than a high school fling of impulse emotion and from then on you will be my jewel that I will cherish even after death, for the love I have has more power than death can stop and I will love you for eternity.

Gavin C Lowwrey 28/03/2002


Why did you have to leave. Idont think you know what it has done to my heart. Our first kiss was our last because your gone and never will return. Before you left this life and enterd your new life. You told me you loved me. I never got the chance to tell you I loved you to because you were already gone.I now your looking down on me from up above.you will always be in my heart. As you know now you were my first love.

Maggie 26/03/2002


"Relaxed She Did Feel"

My Love and I sat on a new Swing Love seat
it was her dream to sit on it and get snuggle in me..she said.
Both of us were in our bare feet and warm heart..with cool breeze around
Her beautiful wavy reddish brown wet hair with fragrance better than Garden of Eden flowers
Struck me on my face making every inch of my mind and body loose its
She sat facing me on my lap
I'm in love and my arms around her I wrap
We kiss and hug
Both of us felt warm and snug
For her I very much do care
I like to be alone with her in our feet bare.
I rubbed each heel
Relaxed she did feel
I massaged her toes, I kissed and sucked with a gentle she loved..
And on the rest of each foot my hand gently goes..
Even with my eye closed I could feel her body moving in joy.
"I'm in love," I said smiling and I knew she would blush hearing it...
She likes me to rub her feet making her feel good.
"It's fun being in love," I said feeling my heartbeat.
True Love is a gift from God, which very few can feel.
No Power on earth can by it. The pleasure can only be explained by the
Lover it self.
I like to be alone with my Love in our bare feet with only cool breeze
When evening comes, When our hearts become one on the moonlight
The pieces of ecstasy (pure Pleasure) and
Extreme Love will warm us forever.
And nothing will be able to spoil
The moments we spent together.

For My Love of my Life

By Shah 25/03/2002


#I will Always Love You#

I sit and think about you day and night

About all the things that were just so right

The way you made me feel when I was with you

I felt so lost in the sky so blue

You mean the world to me

You always have

Youíre the one I want

But thatís to bad

We were together and she came along

She stole your heart

And now your forever gone

You look so in love

I donít know what to do

I wish I could try not to look so blue

But my heart has to move on

I cant wait forever

I donít know if I can ever find any better

I just want you to know

That what Im about to say is true

I just want you to know Josh:

I will always Love You

Cori 24/03/2002



i haven't met you yet
but i know one day you'll come
if you cross my way
how will i know that you're the one
one day i'll meet you
when the time is right
and by then all my doubt
will be out of sight
so until then,
whomever is destined to be mine
we'll soon meet
when GOD sets the time
i promise to love you
with all i can give
and forever, together
both of us will live
so until then,
until the time we'll meet
i'll be here waiting
waiting for you to make me COMPLETE...!!!

by: isabel quitazol 24/03/2002



I am always here

To understand you

To laugh with you

To cry with you

To think with you

To talk with you

To play with you

To die with you

Even though we

might not

always be together

Please know that

I am always here

To love you


Surjit Flora 24/03/2002


*How Lucky I Am*

I hope and pray each day,
Waiting, wandering, dreaming,
That you will come my way

Where I will stare into your eyes,
Sparkled by the shint of the evening stars
And in each others arms,
Never letting go

As the sun bounces off your beautiful hair
A smile that compliments every little part of me
Happiness goes through my body,
Bringing joy into my heart

At the end of the day, I watch you sleep
Gazing unto your angel face,
Realizing that you are meant for me
But, confusedly asked myself,
How lucky I am, to have found
The love I so richly don't deserve.

by Dennis Parungao 24/03/2002


When I see the stars,

I wonder if you're seeing them too,

When I cry for you are you crying for me too,

When you see the moon are you wishing for me too,

When you go to bed are you wishing I would be with you,

When you see two persons in love do you imagine me and you,

What would it have been of me and you

Why did things head this way

what did we do wrong

was it me or was it you

After all this I still pray to be with you someday

After all I still Love You!

By:Kika H.23/03/2002


by: Stephanie B.

Dedicated to: S.A.

I was all alone
Without you
I didnít know
What Iíd go through

Went through a great friendship

That lasted a long time

Then got the best boyfriend

That could ever be mine

I got the world when I got you

I got everything Iíd ever need

I got everything I ever wanted

I never want to be without you

Iím sorry for my faults

I know Iím not perfect

I would be the best ever

But youíre already that and more

I love you a lot

I guess I needed to put it to words

And give you that thought



By: Stephanie B.

Dedicated to: S.A.

Why did you leave?

Why couldnít you stay?

Why did something go wrong?

Why couldnít it be ok?

Why donít you want me back?

Why donít you care anymore?

Why donít you believe in us?

Why donít you want more?

Why canít you realize what we lost?

Why canít you love me again?

Why canít you be yourself?

Why canít you let my love in?

Will you ever come back?

Or will I continue to cry?

And remember when I

Was your little cutie pie?



By: Stephanie B.

Dedicated to: S.A.

What can I do

Without you

What can I do to make you see

Youíll be the only one for me

What can I do

To be with you

What can I do to have your love again

Theres no way I can win

What can I do

For a kiss from you

What can I do to get you to hold me

How can you want to be free

What can I do

To move on from you

What can I do when I thought love wouldnít die

Was that just a lie

What can I do

For you

What can I do that would make you realize

That I never ever told you lies



Dedicated to: S.A.

Do you wonder how Iím doing?

Do you care?

Do you think about me?

Do you dare?

Do you catch yourself looking at me?

Do you try to look the other way?

Do you ever think about what wouldíve happened

If you had decided to stay?

Do you think we made a mistake?

Do I show up in your dreams?

Have you moved on?

Because thatís how it seems.

Do you love your new girl

More than you loved me?

She doesnít love you as much

As I did & still do, you see.

Do you miss us being together?

Do you miss how we were?

Do you want me back?

Do you really love her?

I always wonder about everything

Bout u, bout me

I miss you a lot.

I think about how we used to be.

Iíll be here so let me know.

We can make it right.

I know you still love me,

And itíd be great, it just might.

Stephanie B 24/03/2002



The first time i saw you,
I was afraid to talk to you,
The first time i talk to you,
I was afraid to touch you,
The first time i touched you,
I was afraid to hug you,
The first time i hugged you,
I was afraid to kiss you,
The first time i kissed you,
I was afraid to love you,
Now i love you,
And i am afraid to loose you.

Anne 23/03/2002



My personality change everytime,
I look in your eyes.
I fell warm inside
each time you smile.

Just the mention of your name,
makes my heart skip a beat.
Sometimes when I'm in your presence,
My palms get all sweaty,
And I get cold feet.

No one has ever made,
me feel this way.
I credit you for bringing,
out the best in me.

This must be love cause,
all these fellings are new to me.
Your the only one that has,
ever made me feel this way.

You make me feel like,
I can do anything.
Me and you are unseparatible outlawz,
against the world Bonnie and Clyde.

And if you were to ever leave my side,
it would be like a part of me died.
Its funny I'm even acting like this,
or talking this way.

I'm use to wild'n out,
hangin with my boys.
But what you do to me,
is somthing out of this world.

Anon 22/03/2002



And I'd give up forever to hold you
'Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven
That I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now
And all I can taste is your sweetness
And all i can breathe is your life
When sooner or later it's over
I just don't want to miss you tonight
I just don't want t go home
Right now

Anon 23/03/2002


Love So Real

As I sit here and reminisce on the first time that we kissed,
I knew it right from then, that our love would never end,
Our love grows stronger day by day, I pray to God that you always stay.
Baby please don't every take your love away,
I promise with you I'll always stay,
Can't you see boo I'm in love with you...

I love you Andre from Tiffany 22/03/2002


Saying Goodbye

Laughter is bad if you can't say good-bye,
Laughter is bad if it only makes you cry,
I can't say good-bye,
It only makes me die,
My heart will be with you,
But don't ask me why

Melanie Wilson 20/03/2003


Without You

You are my life,
without you I am nothing
You are my heart without you
I would not be so smart
You are my light,without you
I would have no sight
You are my sunshine,without you
I would not feel so fine
You are my rose,without you
I would not glow
You are my other half,without you
I would never laugh

Bill Wilson 20/03/2002



You said it loud and clear,
loud enough for the whole world to hear,
you screamed so loud into my ear,
and I'm beginning to feel that,
the end is near.
I really have to get so far away from here.
I just can't take the pain any more.
I just can't understand your reasons why,
you felt it was so necessary to lie,
you didn't even care when I'd cry,
you just turned your head and said goodbye.
Now tell me, what am I supposed to do?
Tell me, Is it possible for me,
to function without you?
I can barely even breathe without you.

Bill Wilson 20/03/2002


"Better Hopes for the Future"

I know how you feel
I know what you're going through
Please, let me help you with this ordeal
I feel your pain
I feel your sadness
Please, tell me what it is you need to gain
I want you to know that I care
I want you to know that you will always have me
I will always be there
What is it that I could do?
So, you never again will be blue
These words are true
I'm praying and wishing for you
Better days, better nights...
But most of all
With your head held high standing tall
Better days for the future

By Jimmy Henderson 20/03/2002


Loving You

You are eveything to me I think about you every day, I think that you are the one for me. I want to say that I love you but I don't know how you will take it, so please pray that we will make it.

Anon 20/03/2002


The Road To Love

Feeling the earth shatter brought me down,
it turn my smile into a frown.

As we walk this earth with false pretensions,
hiding feelings and secrets not to be mentioned.

We strive everyday to enrich our lives,
to endure the pain and dodge the knives.

It's hard enough to try when the motive is unknown,
it's even harder when your all alone.

Along the road to love there are many bumps and turns,
it feels like hell and you have to withstand the scorching burns.

If you navigate this road showing no fear,
the path you desire will soon be clear.

So as you travel look for help form above,
and you will soon discover you have conquered the Road To Love.

By: Michael Lee Marshall 19/03/2002


"My Angel Baby"

Dedicated to Angel Morning Traverse

I received a call from Heaven just the other day

They said they wanted their Angel back and any price they would pay

I told them you are worth far more than they could ever give

And so Iíll keep you to myself as long as we both shall live

Angel you are my princess so Iíll be your knight with pride

And having sworn you fealty I will never leave your side

You always tell me that I receive your first smile every day

What an undeserving honor it is to make you feel this way

Your enchanting smile is my eternal sunlight

That never is consumed by the darkness of the night

I love your pretty green eyes and long beautiful hair

And the way you make me melt when you call me "Jessebear"

Thank you Angel Baby for being so kind

For letting me talk when I have things on my mind

On cold nights you make me feel warm fuzzy and snug

By giving me a cute green bear to hug

I am consumed by your love which brings me to my knees

Your soft voice in my ear like a gentle breeze

Echoing my name all other voices forsaken

I fall under your spell for my heart you have taken

So place it next to yours and keep it safe for me

Our hearts were meant to be together and forever they will be

I am always there with you holding your hand in mine

Through your good and bad times in rain or in shine

Angel I long to feel the warmth from your embrace

Or when you cry wipe a tear from your radiant face

"I love you Angel Baby" thatís all I can say

And Iíll continue to tell you forever and a day

Now as each day fleets carelessly without slow

I know Iím one day closer to letting you go

I would do anything to take your place

So I could take away all the pain and suffering you face

I would sacrifice my life so that you could live

For the love youíve shown me itís the least I could give

But on that day spreading your wings to fly

I know you, my Angel, will light up the sky

I will never forget the way you made me feel,

It seemed like a dream, but I thank God it was real

Though it will be painful on the day we part

The memories of you will stay in my heart

When you get to heaven for you Iíve arranged

A garden of wildflowers forever unchanged

I did this for you because I know it will be worth

Getting your first smile in heaven like I did here on earth

"I love you Angel Baby" thatís all I can say

And those words Iíll repeat until I see you one day.

By Jesse 19/03/2002



Everytime i felt his body against mine,
I wanted to last forever.
His hand rubbing up against my skin,
The though of knowing another loves you,
Everytime he looked in my eyes,
I waited for that one simple kiss that never came,
Everytime he open his mouth to talk,
I waited for those words ,
That really meant what they said,
But it never came,
Everytime i saw him,
I told myself he would do something,
But he never did,
Until that one day,
He said those two words "its over"
I felt my heart crumble into a thousand pieces,
i waited for those words"just kidding",
But they never came,
I thought my life had no point anymore,
I cryed so many tears,
i could make a lake,
Until you came you wiped my tears away,
And smiled and told me everything is ok,
Everytime i waited for that perfect guy,
And it never came,
When i found u it did.

--- written by my friend Nichole by Mark 18/03/2002


From the moment that we first kissed
I knew that i wanted much more from this
I knew from that look in your eyes
That you weren't like all the other guyz

I thought that u and i were meant to be
And I thought we would be so happy
Then all the sudden she cam along
And then just like that u were gone

But now u r back and better then ever
And i wouldn't mind being with u forever
When i talk to u i know its true
And i don't know what else to do

You have me wrapped around your finger
And even though we have been through the ringer
Everything is gonna be ok
And thats exactly what u say

Whenever i may be sad and blue
All I have to do is talk to u
And i know everything is all right
And i can sleep and dream of you all night

You aren't that guy that wants to use me
With u it feels right and i feel so free
I love the way you tell me how you feel
And that is how i know u r for real

Written Anon To Jeff Farjado 18/03/2002


The Beauty She Possesses

The beauty she possesses is impossible to describe

For paint, marble, and words were created in the human mind

She embodies beauty in every way, shape, and form

Making her beautyís incarnation for mortals to yearn

Her hair, the envy of the sunís golden light

Her eyes, which can warm the coldest winter night

Her smile, which can always be found

Her laugh, that sends joy abound

She is perfection in every sense of the word

Causing everyone she passes to stare and turn

And yet there is still more to tell

For what she is goes beyond this realm

The beauty of her heart and the beauty of her soul

Contain the loveliest emotions I have ever known

Everything that she is and everything she will be

Is worth more than the entire world to me

Her beauty is endless and never fading

Everyday it surpasses itself, it is forever changing

My heart is hers and it will always be so

There is just one thing I want you to know

I love you Chrissy more than words can say

You brighten the darkest of my days

You fill my heart, my soul, and my mind with love

You are my little Turtledove

You have blessed my life and made me complete

When Iím with you the sourest things are sweet

Prom is coming up very fast

This classic event that will always last

There is no one in this world I would rather have accompany me

Than you my Dear, my Love, my Chrissy

The question I have is simple and fair

Will you go to Prom with me this year?

Will you make me the luckiest man alive?

And say "yes I will go to Prom with you" while looking into my eyes

Erik Anders Engebretson 17/03/2002



Inspired by:"PRINCESS"

When I first saw you, you shined so bright,
Your smile lit up the night
And your bright blue eyes were as pretty as can be
You made me feel so free

We sat in the hot tube and talked,
Right after I came from a long walk... (Treadmill)
I donít really remember what we talked about
I knew then and there you were a princess, without a doubt.

Then you gave me something I will never forget hope
Hope, when I found out you felt the same as I did.
I called you for the first time, I was nervous,I didnít know how to begin,
Then I heard your beautiful voice and I was finally calm again.

The first time that I have ever felt that way,
The way you feel when you canít describe the feeling,
Butterflies, heart pumping, sweaty palms, no words to say,
For the first time in my life, I was nervous talking with someone,

I asked you out for the first time, and not the last,
You said yes, and I thought we were going to have a blast.
Then I get a call, and here that we cant go out,
It made me want to shout!

I know that you were having problems with the ex,
And you hated all guys, girls, animals etc, LOL just kidding
But I was selfish, and didnít think of you,
When I did it made me so blue.

There were so many things I did not say
When I looked into your eyes
The things I think about each day
Would take you by surprise

The wonders of what we could share
Still powder in my mind
I wondered if I could tell you how much I cared
And I guess I kinda ran out of time

Sometimes I wish you would talk to me
About the things you feel
Then maybe someday I'll understand
How you've learned to deal

I've often wondered what it would be like
To feel your warm embrace
To kiss your soft sweet lips
Or have your touch upon my face

I want to know,
That no matter what we're going through
Whether our lives are sunny or blue
I want to know - do I have a friend in you?

By: Daryl Wood 17/03/2002


I hate the sad times that come in life
They are so cruel
Breaking my heart and making me worry
I hate feeling so lost with nothing left

Over and over these times have come
But now thanks to You Lord
They're not as bad
Everytime is still cruel
This time or next time
Won't be as bad because of You

You have taught me
Living in this world
Has a price to pay
So from now on,
I know

The bad times will come
No matter where I go
Or what I do
From now on I will remember
What you meant Lord
When You said " I love you"

Thank You Lord Jesus, amen

By Lena Jane 16/03/2002


Tender Heart

A gentle rain is best for all

And least harmful when it falls

So a gentle word and a gentle touch

To a tender heart can mean so much...

Jen 16/03/2002


I think about u everyday
But I wonder if you think of me that way?
I sure do hope that you do
But I think you might have feelings for sum1 else, sum1 new

Now I foundout that u do have feelings for someone else
I hope now u no why i feel so blue
To see her in your arms, where i thought i belonged,
Makes me hurt so much inside,
That I wanna run and hide
But, I tell myself, if ur happy w/ her
then u obvisoly dont need me
So I shouln'dt b e needing u
I tell myself to move on, to 4get about u, to find someone new
But my heart just wont do
I cant help it, I can't change the way I think about u....
Im still in love w/ u....

Anon 16/03/2002 - Copyright.


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