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"Love is a wonderful feeling"


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Apart but parted not,
These hearts, I pray, remain as one
In touch through time and space,
While touching all too seldom.
If only Time and Space so favored love,
I would be there, and there would be
No reason for such rhyme.
This love would have enjoyed
The dreams that one might only dare to hope.
But time's been known to change life's course
When hope seems all but lost,
And space-is just another ocean to be crossed.
Whilst neither dim the glow, my love,
Within this yearning heart.

Anon 10/11/2001


For all the things I said and didn't say.
I'm Sorry...
For all the mean things I might have said.
I'm Sorry...
For all the things I did or didn't do.
I'm Sorry...
If I ever ignored you.
I'm Sorry...
If I ever made you feel bad or put you down.
I'm Sorry...
If I ever thought I was bigger or better than you.
I Love You...
Don't ever forget that! Through bad times and good, I'll
always be here for you.
I am Sorry...
For everything wrong I've ever done.
I'm writing this because what if tomorrow never comes?
What if you never get to say good-bye or give
a BIG hug to the people
you care about?
What if you never get to say I'm sorry or I love you?

Amiee 9/11/2001


The thought of giving my love unconditionally is
frightening. My heart cannot afford to be broken
again, it has exceeded its limit.
You have never experienced love for another or all
the games it can play on your heart and soul.
I have on other hand.
When I look into your eyes I can see a glow
When you touch me the way you do, I can feel it
You will know what it feels like to really, truelly,
love someone unconditionally and yet too scared to
tell him/her out of fear of losing all the pieces to your heart.
A person can only do it so many times,
I can't do it ever again, EVER!
The reason I cannot tell you this is because I love
you 100 percent, and you would not understand why!

Jennifer 9/11/2001

If you.......

If one day you feel like crying...
Call me.
I don't promise that I will make you laugh,
But I can cry with you.
If one day you want to run away--
Don't be afraid to call me.
I don't promise to ask you to stop...
But I can run with you.
If one day you don't want to listen to anyone...
Call me.
I promise to be there for you.
And I promise to be very quiet.
But if one day you call...
And there is no answer...
Come fast to see me.
Maybe I need you.

Amiee 9/11/2001


****Wishing you were here****

long days,lonely nights
I don't know what to do
looking around me nothing to find
close my eyes and play with memories once again
say in to my self
Wishing you were here
here by my side
holding me tight,in your arms,whole the night
coz i wanna be close to you
near your heart, a part of your soul
I wanna share my dreams
share it with you
on wings of love
like dreamers do
touch my heart
my body and my soul
say in to my self
wishing you were here
to show me a real love
shining so bright,on a magical moon light
giving me back strenght to carry on
coz,without love i'm not that strong
say in to my self
wishing you were here
night it's a time for expressing love
without trying to hide
show me heaven Babe
to ride the sky with you
laying my heart just for you
so come to me
coz i'm lonely feelin blue

say in to my self
wishing you were here
deep love is aburning fire
stay coz then,the flames will grow higher
i need to feel a touch of your hand
which makes me forget the world

say in to my self
wishing you were here
i know that i'll never die on love
but,i'll never can get enough
can't you feel my love tonight?
can't you see the rivers of love
will over flow outside?
can't you hear every single beat of my heart
beating your name saying love just for u?
i swear by the moon and the stars in sky
and God the only witness for that
i love you
you made such a fool of me
but i can't get enough

say in to my self
wishing you were here
i'm falling in love
and i'll love you till eternity
oh,i'll be your loving guide
be here tonight
please stay with me
coz,the time is running
and i feel my chance for romance is coming
sooner or later
i'll be your lover
say in to my self
wishing you were here
i've got a charming love in your eyes tonight
i've got a king ruling my heart inside
you babe
like a candle lighting my way
burning love,where ever i go
saying sweetie
for sure our love will always grow
so come to me
I need you to be my cover
tell me there is no other
say to me
you'll be always my little gurl
the queen of my life
say in to my self
wishing you were here

Eman 9/11/2001


An Undeserved Love

She called you an ASSHOLE

You called her your queen

There's probably something

That you didn't see

Was it because you loved her so much

That you were afraid of the actuality

That she didn't love you

And that was the reality

You didn't want to accept it

But it was all true

She was with another man

That wasn't you

She was unfaithful

She played with your heart

But you still loved her

And nothing would tear you two apart

She is a SLUT



Who took your love

That she Definetly Didn't Deserve

Conceived by: Mayra Aguilar



When you tell me you love me I wonder if it's true because I can't take the chance of loving you.

we've only been together for a very short time, but there is something's about you that make's me smile.

your tender touch and gentle kiss if we ever break up those are the thing's i'll miss.

you are the sweetest part of my life, but there is something missing that i just can't see

is it because of my insocurity?

Anon 9/11/2001



I love your blue eyes,
your the best out of all the guys,
I dream about you day and night,
its so hard to fight, fight back all of my tears,
I dont have any fear,
but i wish i was yours going through the open doors,
every day,
I pray that i was that lucky one,
I wish a ton,
that i could be with you,
and you wanted to be with me too.

Anon. 9/11/2001


Heaven Sent

I love you more than anyone I have ever loved,
It seems as if you were sent to me from above.

To be my one and only best friend,
To care for me until no end.

To be there for me when I shed a tear,
To make all my sadness disappear.

To be there for me when I get down,
To listen to me when no one else is around.

To make me feel like I am on cloud nine,
To make my smile as bright as the sun shines.

To say things to me that are so sweet,
To make my life and me complete.

To hold me in your warm embrace,
To see that warm smile upon your face.

To lean in close to kiss my cheek,
To make me unable to speak.

I thank the man up above,
For gracing me with your endless love.

For you there is no measurement,
Cause you are truly heaven sent.

By: Joanie Dossey 8/11/2001


But You Promised

You promised you would always love me and be at myside
But one day you changed your feelings and made my heart cry

You promised that you never hurt me that you wouldnever leave
But one day you just left, and made me stand there and be

You promised me I was the perfect girl, the one that was in your dreams
Now you pick at everything little thing unperfected about me,

You promised that we were going to get married andhave kids
Lies, and fables, they were all just fibs

But most of all you promised that we would alwaysbe together, till the end of time
It seems like our time is up, but who made youthink that I would be fine

If promises are made to be broken they why are theymade?
But I am keeping my promise that my love for youwill stay the same

Mandy Lopez 9/11/2001

Why not you?

When you left me my heart broke and I was alone
I was so lonely and wanted love cause you weren't here anymore

I wished and prayed for god to give me another you
Someone that would love me, someone I could use

Now I have guys who want me left and right
They all argue over me, they always seem to fight

But now I realize what I did was wrong
Cause all this time I thought of you, I even heard your song

I didn't know how much I missed you until I thought I needed another you
AlI want is the real one, not a fake, not a fool

Why aren't you that wants me so bad?
Why is it them that I lead on and make them so sad

Why aren't you the one that says "I love you" to me
Instead other guys that are saying it without any feeling

I can only say I'm sorry for what I did to us
It's all my fault because all I wanted was you're love

That might have been too much to ask, too much to plea
But my love for you never left me

As much as you hate me, as you much as you want me dead
As much as you want to forget me, to forget all the things we said

I will never leave you're side, as I promise from the first day
My love for you will never die; I will never regret what I say

You mock me and make fun of me because I cant let go
But if we had another chance, if you really loved me, would you really say no?

I will be lonely, for as long as it takes
For as long as it takes to get you back, or for my feelings to be replaced

Mandy Lopez 9/11/2001

Notice me

I'm right in your presence
Right here to see
I want to be you're girl
For you have nothing to fear

Willing to give all I have
To be with just you
Never to leave you're side
To be loyal and true

For I would give my heart
Even if I didn't get one back
Just to be with you
Would give me the love that I lack

I will be all you ever need
The girl of your dreams
The one you have wanted
Her I can be

You see everyone else
You know that they are alive
You notice that they are there
For me that just isn't really that fair

The one that you have hoped for
For you I can please
Too bad there is one problem
You can't notice me

Mandy Lopez 9/11/2001


A LOOK that melts me like ICE CREAM

a SMILE that makes me feel FLOATING
a VOICE that makes me DREAM
those little things mean EVERYTHING...

i donít know how it started
i donít even want to know why
i loved you more than i expected
& i love you even more as the days goes by

if what i feel isnít love
if this feeling isnít for real
why do i want to pretend
itís fine to be just a friend...

why do i tremble when youíre near
you affect me, it was clear
why do i always want
even your little needs iíd love to attend...

why do i feel jealous
if youíre happy with someone else?
what are those pains for...
if this isnít love at all?

i gave you everything i can
you gave me heartaches and pain
i showed you love and affection
i shed tears in return...

if this isnít LOVE i feel
if this love isnít for real
i wouldnít be here
waiting for another year...

Michell 8/11/2001


They say love is found in the most unexpected places, and I never expected to meet you.

Steve 8/11/2001


Written with a pen
Sealed with a kiss
If you love me
You'll please answer this
Do you love me or do you not?
You told me once but I forgot
So tell me now and tell me true
So I can tell you that I love you
Of all the people I've ever met
Your the only one I cant forget
And if I die before you do
I'll go to heaven and wait for you
If your not there by judgment day
I'll know you went the other way
I'll give the angels back their wings
And risk the loss of everything
Just to prove my love is true
I'd go to hell to be with you!

Love Babe 8/11/2001


I'm Going to Go Back There Someday

This looks familiar, vaguely familiar,
Almost unreal, yet, it's too soon to feel yet.
Close to my soul, and yet so far away.
I'm going to go back there someday.

Sun rises, night falls, sometimes the sky calls.
Is that a song there, and do I belong there?
I've never been there, but I know the way.
I'm going to go back there someday.

Come and go with me, it's more fun to share,
We'll both be completely at home in midair.
We're flyin', not walkin', on featherless wings.
We can hold onto love like invisible strings.

There's not a word yet for old friends who've just met.
Part heaven, part space, or have I found my place?
You can just visit, but I plan to stay.
I'm going to go back there someday.
I'm going to go back there someday.

Shireen 8/11/2001


Only Then...

you hide it for many years
pretend there's no special feelings
tried hard to be nice with those girls
convincing yourself it's not the real thing...

but when you saw me
together with that other guy
only then you realized
you love me, deep inside...

holding back your fears
only then you told me what you feel
teary-eyed, i can't believe
your love, i never thought i'd receive...

walking down the aisle with you
is really like a dream come true
only then, i know i'm not just dreaming
when you say 'I DO' without hesitating...

our love will have no ending
that's what the ring wants to confirm
when we kissed, only then it's true
i can't spend my lifetime without you...

Michell 8/11/2001


Love You

Love is what you bring
Making our love forever with a diamond ring
I thank god everyday for you
I'm stuck to your love like glue

I promise to love you for life
You shine throw my soul like a red hot knife
Loving forever
Always being together
Just call on me whenever

I love you My angel

By. Khristy M. Currie


IS it me or Nicole?

For if you leave me my heart will be unwhole
But sooner or later it will bend
My life may end
But not forever
There can always be another
Another player
Another game
Another set of lies that are all the same
Another I Love You
That really means sleep with me
If you really don't love me let me be
If you do
Stay because you want to
Not because you don't want me to cry
If you stay out of pity I will just die
I say your gone
You say your not
Please make up your mind
So I can make up my heart!!!


Submitted By: Sheena Bergstrom 20017/11/2001


If i were to choose between a tulip and a rose
I would choose to take the rose
not just for its flowers
but most of it, its thorns
that's how i choose to be in love
and if loving you
meant being pricked by those thorns
I would gladly cherish every pain
because i know i have loved you and still love you
from the deep recesses of my heart.

marjoe yamada 2/11/2001


Two Hearts of One

A dream that had died a long time ago,
decides to come back and knock on the door.
Will they reach for that star in the sky?
Or once again let love pass them both by?

So many things happen only by chance.
These two brought together by circumstance.
They both wanted someone to hold on too.
And now their wish has finally came true.

What they have could be so sincere.
He talks to her without any fear.
Because he knows what he feels inside.
He sees no reason to run and hide.

She looks into his eyes knowing its real.
Nothing can take away what she feels.
She doesn't want any of this to end.
This is where their story together begins.

Time will only tell what the future holds.
This is where everything will unfold.
If its meant to be they'll hold on tight.
True love is always worth the fight.



With you my knight
though far from my sight
separated by oceans and miles
cornered by rivers and mountains
yet under one sky.
I blew a kiss to the sun
a loving whisper to the moon
that my north star in the night sky
my knight, though far from my sight
would come soon and hold me tight.

marjoe yamada 2/11/2001


You once touched my heart with your simplicity,
you once colored it gray when you left for the States,
it was a long wait
yet a fulfilling one
then your back
you told me you like me
and i said likewise,
you told me you love me
and i looked at you
if only you knew
i had and still love you too.

marjoe yamada 2/11/2001

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