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"Love is a wonderful feeling"


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"If you walk around thinking that the world owes you something, you will not only be challenged by life but also defeated. The world owes you nothing! You owe it to the world to challenge life."


Why are you leaving me when I need you the most?
How do I do this without you?
You are my hope.
How do I explain my feelings when words just will not
How do I show my feelings when I can't be with you?
In this poem I will try to make you understand
Since your not by my side to let me take your hand
To walk you through my heart and rest inside my soul
To see the many places there that you will always hold
I was there in the beginning and swore I'd be there
till the end
But I realize now that I haven't been your friend
I've been the perfect enemy and rival that you hate
But haven't been that same sweet girl that you once
loved to date
I want to bring that sweet girl back
And the insecurity to relax.
I know you fell in love with me
Not with this person I've turned out to be
I hope you will give us one last time
To turn things around and make our love shine
Like it did in the beginning and can do again
Even if it means starting over as friends.

-Megan Burnett- 02/07/2002

The emotion called Love: a paradox

When you love someone for the first time,

No pen can do justice for that feeling which inspheres us,

The emotion called first love,

Sweeps us away from our feet and takes us away.

The emotion is sweet,

yet can turn bitter,

you want it to last till eternity,

yet you are scared that it is not meant to be.

You want to hold on to it,

but love is like the grains of the sand,

the harder you hold on to it the faster it falls out of your grip,

it is like a butterfly it rests on you went you least expect it to…

Once in life you meet a stranger,

Who does not seem like a stranger,

you think it will pass…

But does it?

Nikki 03/07/2002

To my sweetheart Lizzie,

Words alone cannot explain

Truly how much you mean to me

You’ve always seen me through pain

And here for you I will always be


We have shared so much together

Singing, dancing in the rain

I could not have hoped for someone better

And my faith in you will never wane


You catch starlight in your eyes

And moondust in your hair

A smile from you, and my heart flies

Anytime, anywhere


Believe and trust in yourself

And let your heart guide you anywhere

Have the strength to be who you are

So happiness is yours, and yours to share


When I am with you, all feels right,

Like a puzzle, only you can complete

My heart is by you every night

And each day I thank God we were to meet.

Love always, Max 02/07/2002

Was to Julie...

Two years have past to see your face
still though moving at our staggard pace
If ever a love I feel,I feel your love,
and my love for you i feel.
Nothing had ever or will ever feel so real.
My love still I see a need
for there to be a you and me.
As I lay a kiss to your brow,
I wake and need you now.
Forever yours I wish you were mine,
Oh my love I shall miss you
until the end of my time.
I live to see the day
when you are mine all mine.

Richard Curry 2/07/2002

Love Story

in a place i did dwell
i met a guy i loved so well
he came and took my heart from me
but now he's gone and set me free.
he sat a girl upon his knees
and told her things he never told me
now i know why, she was prettier than i
i ran home and cried upon my bed
not a word my mother said
my dad came home late that night
they searched for me left and right
he went upstairs and my door he broke
and found me hanging on a rope
he took a knife and cut me down
and in my pocket a note they found
" dig a grave, dig it deep
marble stones from head to feet
and on top, place a dove
to show the world i died for love."

*~~Tamlyn~~* 2/07/2002


You are as if a passerby who grasped hold for only a few seconds. Words were expressed and as you let go I felt your warm touch slip away becoming ever so cold again. Soon after I could not hear your voice any longer and i'm sure that I was soon forgotten in the days to come. I simply keep walking, hoping, to find one who will maybe hold on for a little longer, and maybe we could express just a little more than words. In time I supose, in time.


"You & Me"

When You Take Me,

Within' Your Arms.

And I Take You,

Within' Mine.


The Passion Explodes,

Like Sky Rockets In The Night.

As You Lips Touch Mine,

In That O' So Passionate Kiss.


To Feel Your Skin,

Brush Against Mine.

With All The Fire And Passion,

That Comes From The Heart.

An We Know This Is True Love,

Right From The Heart.

The Poem Here was Wrote By David Blaine, 1/07/2002

I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay.

Jackie Adkins/Rusty Thompson
Together Forever!!!! 30/06/2002

Through many dim times, through romance and strife, we have found eachother in a hard time in life. A love is ablaze and a heart is on fire and you are the one to which I desire. Hold me close through the days above, I want you to know that it's you that I love.

Josh Stevens 30/06/2002 doggiestyle2005@hotmail.com

With a frown on my face and a tear in my eye, there comes the time to say goodbye. Goodbye for now but not forever I wont ever leave you, I promise not ever.

Josh Stevens 30/06/2002

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