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"Love is a wonderful feeling"


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It's burning deep inside me
It's turning me to fire
It's melting all my doubts away
 Intense and pure desire

It's changing all my feelings
It's making thoughts more clear
It giving purpose to my life
Divest my world of fear

My dreams have been awoken
My wishes have come true
This, to me, is idyllic love
This love from me to you

So take me now as I am yours
I swear I will be true
This heart is full of passion
And all it needs is you

By Sarah Drake.... For Paul Lightfoot. 16/12/2001


I love you not only for what you are,
but for what I am when I am with you
All the love that history knows,
is said to be in every rose.
Yet all that could be found in two,
is less than what I feel for you
I thought love was just a mirage of the mind,
it's an illusion, it's fake, impossible to find.
But the day I met you, I began to see,
that love is real, and exists in me.

Anon 16/12/2001

My Dearest Katie,

I write this to you from a man whos heart is filled wih
companionship and love. Katie, of all the woman I have
ever been with, of all the woman I have seen. You seem
to be the one that turns my heart upside down. You make
me feel like I walk on air. Now its the day after, the
thoughts turn to why? I do not understand life? I do not
understand why? The pain is still there. The fear will
dweel. I must look past this and move on. My Katie, I
will chearish you in my heart till the dawn of time. I
will be honest and true till time sets forth. I have
nothing but goodness in my heart for you. Please see this.
I want nothing less of happiness for you. I would like
to walk hand in hand with you. I would like to hold you
close when you are down. I would like to wipe the tears
of shame, bitterness and misunderstanding away. But first,
I have to be given this chance. I am but a simple man with
simple taste. I don't want a million dollars in my hand,
no, no. I don't want fancy things, no. I don't want
weatlth and power. I want you... So simple and true.
If this simple man that talks to you now, if this simple
man whose heart you have stollen. If this simple man who
would continue to walk the earth looking for you..If this
simple man is who you want. Hear I am.. Take a step back
and see what is in front of you Katie.. See what has been
dropped at your feet.. I have thanked God for weeks at
end that I have been given the blessing of you. I don't
want anything, but you!! To see you smile, to see you
laugh, to see your eyes sparkle like the stars. Please
Katie.. Please... I write you this.. Two poems from my
heart.. No matter what you say.. No matter what you
do.. I will always be there for you.. No matter what
the world says.. No matter what the universe throws..
I will Love You.. Katie...I have fallen for you..

With love and happiness,

Jonah 15/12/2001

love is the only thing we all understand
whether we choose to be it's enemy, or become its biggest fan
no demands, the choice is up to you, thats how it works
thats the beauty of this one syllable, that's worth a thousand words

Walter Day 15/12/2001


I looked into his eyes,
and I felt pain.
I looked into his eyes,
and I felt anger.
I looked into his eyes,
and I felt sorrow.
I looked into his eyes,
and I felt love.
I looked into his eyes,
and I felt confusion.
I looked into his eyes,
and I felt the chill.
I looked into his eyes,
and I felt his heart.
I looked into his eyes,
and I saw myself.



I ran up the door and closed the stairs,

I said my pajamas and put on my prayers,

I turned out the bed and jumped into the light

All becauce you kissed me goodnight



Missing U

From the last 24 hours im missing you so badly,
but i know that if i'ould tell u then u'll respond very gladly,
i donn know y is it so,
might be me i know,
when one minute looks like one hour,
at that time u r very close to my heart,
ur each and every word comes in mind,
but some times i think that who im to bind!
love is when u both miss one another,
whether u r near or far but u feel like kissing one another,
i wish all the time that u were here,
coz ur the only one from whom i need care ,
ur the only one with whom i share,
whether its my fault or not but i dare,
lets be one not for the first time,nor fot the last time,
but for the life time.

Rocky 15/12/2001


Falling in Love

I am falling in like with you...
who you are
who you are not...
and who you strive to become.
you are kind
and loving.

I am falling at ease with you...
with each...
casual conversation
comfortable silence
passing moment.
More honestly...
because I have fallen in like with you.

I am falling in love with you...
for reasons too numerous to list....
those that have come before...
and all that have yet to be seen.

by: Jennifer Jaspers 15/12/2001


This below poem is for my love sara, a girl i havent met yet..we met on the internet...i love her with all my heart..i know this is crazy ..but still i love her..please try to publish this poem in ur site.



sara..if only i could catch a glimpse of u walking around somewhere..
if only i could get that moment of our eyes meeting..
if only i could see u looking at me and smiling..
if only i could smile back at u ...
if only i could get to shake ur hands and say hi..
if only i could hear ur sweet voice saying somethng back again..
if only i could hear from u tht u like me..
if only i could say somethng that's deep in my heart..
if only i could see u hear that and be happy..
if only i could get the feeling of ur slender hands on my face..
if only i could hold your hands for a couple of minutes..
if only i could stare at ur eyes for a moment ..
if only i could realise u wanted to be kissed..
if only i could muster the courage and kiss u..
if only i could spend these few precious minutes with u..
if only i could have these things come true in my life
just once..only once..
all i would say to God is.."i've lived my whole life in these few minutes..u can now take me up there"
for the above mentioned is all i pray to God these days..
if only all these come true,i'd be the happiest man in this world.

DINESH 15/12/2001


Tell Me

Tell me how to react when I see her with you?

What to say if I ever hear you tell her, "I love you,"

Should I bear to care knowing that Iíve lost my only love?

Donít you think that Iíve cried for you, long enough?

Tell me if I should cry and waste my tear?

Hoping that someday youíd realize that real love is near.

Asking for your heart, it doesnít seem to real,

Yet, you know how I truly feel.

Tell me the exact words if you ever had a chance to talk to me,

Yet I know thatís something that will never be.

Yet I still wish at night to find her wishing star,

A star she wished upon, to be with you though sheís far.

Tell me if you should be the only reason that I often cry?

To be my only reason I should always try.

Tell me now before its too late to even let go,

Because someday I know I can never let "you" go.



Kissing is a habit,
Sex is a game,
Boys get all the pleasure,
Girls get all the pain,
He says he loves you,
And you belive it's true,
But when your stomach starts to swell...
He says "To hell with you!"
60 Minutes of pleasure,
9 months of pain,
3 days in the hospital,
A baby with no name.
The baby is a bastard
The mother is a whore,
It would of never happened
If the rubber hadn't tore.

TW & CC 15/12/2001


Lost love

Our love was so strong
When did it go wrong
Why couldnt i see
We were meant to be
You were sent to me from up above
To touch my life and steal my love
Forever friends we will be
Coz you can depend on me

Rebecca Dempsey (Dublin) aged 15



You've seen her when she's happy,

you've seen her when she's sad.

The smiles and the tears are a revelation to her soul

Like sunshine and rain they bring forth a new chapter.

Love is a feeling that treasures this altogether.

Farouk 15/12/2001

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