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"Love is a wonderful feeling"


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The Night I Met You

I'm remebering the night I met you ever then, I don't have a clue you gave me a friendly smile then sat to talk to me for a while. I could tell you were one of the nice guys. When I looked into your big, brown eyes. And now I'm beginning to see that you're far more than I thought you'd be. You've given me friendship, respect, and love. Sometimes I'm covinced you were sent from above. I wasn't looking for love- it's tru but love I what I found the night I met you.

From Rebecca Lynn 16/02/2002




Kookie 16/02/2002


Sweetness is what you are,
How I've admired you silently from afar.
Even though I've never been able to say,
Eternal is your beauty weakening me day by day.
Never will I be able to release you from these thoughts of mine,
All I ask of you is will you be my valentine?

By Anish Patel 16/02/2002


What Is True Love?

If one does not love one is not whole.
One does not feel thought in completion
with another one is without thought all
together. "Love is a very splitter thing." Wh-
en love comes to you take advantage of it
and cherish it because love leave your side
before you know it! To be completed you need
two people. Many people say "Men are from mars and wo-
men are Venus." To me that's a lot of bullshit. When people
where made there reason was to love & be happy. Life has no
meaning without love. God's fist gift was life God's second gift was
pain,& God's third gift was love. Adam & Eve had never ate that apple
was never a gift to use. Some people say "Love hurts." that is true but
those are things you have to deal with.

By Timothy Taylor Thomas Hayden 16/02/2002

"In Your Eyes"

I'd love to see the world in your beautiful eyes.
Like watching the sunset on the oceans skies
Looking at stars from atop a mountain peak
Just being there with you would make my night complete
Watching you smile on a cold snowy day
To cold to go out but we got to go play.
A snowman we would build and snow angels we'd make.
But I'd have an angel at hand make no mistake
I'd take you to the moon If I ever had a chance
And with are without music I'd ask you to dance.
No place I'd not travel If only to see just a smile.
And if we were on foot and you tired I'd carry you no matter the mile.
I'd look for your happiness like looking for gold.
Each day a new treasure and on to you I would hold.
Now this sounds a lot but for you it's not much.
You were put here to shine and my heart you have touched.

Marvin Roach Sr. 16/02/2002


The Meaning of Life

Life what is this?
Faith that is lost over time,
Faith what is this?
Hope that I can make a rhyme,
Hope what is this?
Belief in a love ever true.
Love what is this?
This feeling I' ve found in you.


To never have loved

To never have loved, is to die,and to die without loving, is not living, but if you have tried love and failed,you have lived a good life

J. Eugene Adams 16/02/2002


The Gift of a Rose

A rose is a gift most give with love
Its shape is of a heart and as elegant as a dove.
And with each bonding peddle a story could be told.
You know most take it lightly like saying I LOVE YOU.
But the true meaning of a rose is like that of love it will always shine through

Ginger Madrie 16/02/2002


He looks at me with loving eye's. The gentle way he caress me, the sweet longing I feel for him when he's away; that's love........

Sherriell 16/02/2002



What lies beneath my eyes?
I think tears of joy, o acceptance.
To accept the fact that there is
a more better person for you than I am.
There's no need to be sorry or to feel sad, for
I must be glad.
Not that you're not in my arms,
but you belong to someone more deserving than me.
No, This won't let me down,
Because I understand and this made me feel
that I have to be better next time around;
maybe to you or to someone else.
I know crying really is a sign of acceptance.
So let my tears show you the honesty of my heart.
Again, not to be sad but to be glad.
That you may not be in my arms;
But still, someone's loving you...
more than I do.

John Satabi 16/02/2002


You Say Nothing

I see it in your eyes
I see it in your face
I ask myself is it really there?
I ask you and you say nothing at all

I wonder have you ever felt this way before?
I hear your heart beat and you say nothing at all
I see a twinkle in your eyes
I guess you feel it too, don't you?

I feel your hand in mine
I see cupid's arrow of love just hit you
I ask you "can you feel it?"
I hear those words " I Love You"

By Cynthia 15/02/2002


Undreamable Love.......

holding your hands and kissing you
feeling your sweet and soft lips too cuddlin keepin each other warm you keeping me safe from harm under the stars tonight along with the moonlight realizing this is reality because wuth you dreams can never compare to all the things shared because our love is undreamable

Chris Norton 15/02/2002


Star light, Star bright

Star light, Star bright where in the hell is Mr. Right? Could it be him? Could it be you? Could it be the one I've always knew? If it's not you, what do I do? Star light, Star bright where in the hell is Mr. Right?

By Sofia Campos Castaneda (14/02/2002)

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