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"Love is a wonderful feeling"


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Falling in love

I am falling in love with you,
It is strange, I don't know what to do.

I have never been in love before,
I am in love so much it makes me sore.

When I am alone I always wanna be with you,
And I hope you feel the same way too.

When I am with you; you make things so fun,
My love for you is more than a ton.

I know I've have boyfriends before,
but for some reason I like you WAY more.

I can't stop thinkin about you and me,
I wish through my eyes; you could see.

I know people talk shit bout us,
I have a feeling my love for you will never rust.

I wonder if the feeling will ever leave,
I send my love to you and hope you reveive.


I don't know what to do,

By: Brandie Petersen 23/11/2001


"I DO"

When you asked me to marry you, I said "YES"
And I meant that with all my heart.
When I'm with you, you make me happy.
But when we're apart, my heart aches
to be with you again.
I can't wait for the day
When I'm in a beautiful gown
To stand at the altar and say
"I do" with all my heart.

I Love You!

by: Charity 24/11/2001


When I first saw you.
I was afraid to meet you.
When I first met you.
I was afraid to kiss you.
When I first kissed you.
I was afraid to love you.
But now that I love you.
I'm afraid to lose you.

Amber 25/11/2001


My Only Wish

One day a coincidence brought you into my life
That day I was so nervous I was almost shaking
I didn't say a word; I was so scared of sounding stupid
Your smile had me in a trance; I wanted you so bad

I told my friends how hot you are but they tell me I'm crazy,
They all say there are cuter guys, but I don't listen
There's just something about you that makes you irresistible
I know it will be hard to get your love but I still want to try

You tell me you think your ugly, and your completely wrong
It's obvious I'm not the only one who feels this way
Whenever I see you, you're flirting with another girl and I get so jealous
If only you could be mine

When I'm talking to only you I feel so special
But, I barely get to see your beautiful face
Yet when I do, you don't seem to notice me,
Are you avoiding me or do you really not notice I'm there?

I've only been talking to you for a short time
But I'm really starting to like you
You treat me like a person not an object to be played with
That is something that I rarely get from guys

Many people tell me that you're selfish and mean
But that's not the way I get treated by you
You're so sweet and entirely lovable,
That I wonder who could ever think such things about you

You talk to me as if you've known me for years.
Your always asking me questions about girls that you like
I give you my honest opinion even though it may not benefit me
I only wish you could see me that way

Whatever I do, my only wish is to be with you
You'll be gone next year, this is true but I hope I can one day call you mine
Whether we will be together or not, I don't know, and I can only hope.
Whatever may happen I just want you to be happy, and I honestly care for you

Jessica 25/11/2001


As I sit here alone in the darkness I think of you, I think of the times
that we spent together and the times that we were part. As I think of the times that we spent together it brings a smile to my face but when I think of the times that we were apart it breaks my heart because I feel that is what tore us apart. Here in the darkness I feel alone, before I knew that I had the comfort of your arms to come to eventually, but now I know now that I do not have that, and it scares me. In the darkness there is a lot of time to think, wish, and dream. I dream of holding you again, I dream of the life that we had when we were together, and when we were both happy and that makes me happy but then I think of the fighting and how that tore us apart, I wish that I could take it all back, but I know that I can not change what has happened in the past. I also hope that fate will bring us back to the
happiness that we both once shared. I love you and will always love you with all of my heart and no matter what happens nothing will ever change that. Now I look in to the sky and see the moon and know that no matter what that is something that we will always share we will always be under the same moon just like you will always be in my heart.

Todd Palmer 25/11/2001


See to live is to suffer,

but to survive well that's to find meaning in the suffering.

Todd Palmer 25/11/2001


Your touch is light and gentle, when your finger tips touch my skin I start to slip off into a world that I have never been before. This world is full of happiness and pleasure. As I look into your eyes I slip further off into this wonderful place. When your lips touch mine it is like the sweet taste of strawberries. When I am with you time seems rush by and I wish that I knew where it goes but I don't and that bothers me because maybe if I knew where it was going I could catch it and make it go by slower. But as long as this time that we spend together goes by so quickly we just need to spend more of it together.

Todd Palmer 25/11/2001



I promise to love you and keep you in my hart

I promise you will we will never be apart

I promise to hold you close and never let go

Dam girl I love so So much

I promise to never forget your loving touch

I promise to be there

In your time of despair

I promise to always be around

Whispering sweet words when you are down

I promise please you in every way

My love grows for you every day

I promise to forefeel you every desire

I promise to take our love higher

I promise you my love is ever lasting

I love and kiss you with all passion

If I only I explain the joy and love I feel

I promise my love is real

Your love I will never forget

I promise youíre the one I want to be with

Baby girl my love for you is true

I promise I only want to be with you

I promise youíre my only true boo

I so in love you

We will always be together

I promise you I will love you forever

I love Amber

I promise

by Darius Simon 25/11/2001


I Brandon care for you more than I've ever cared for anyone...I care for you with a passion ...you are my hope, my dreams, my whole world....I love you to death and I mean that...nothing will ever get between us...we will be together forever.....there is nothing I wouldn't do for you....there is no limits on our love...you are my everything...when I hold you I know you belong...I feel the unbelievable feeling just from your touch...we are not each others past or present ,but we are a part of each other...I wake up everyday to be happy with you ..to make you happy...Everyday I strive to please you..if your upset I'm upset..if you're happy I'm happy. You fit to me like no one ever has or ever will...I Love you lots...this is to us forever with happiness...

.Ashleigh + Brandon Always 25/11/2001


Every night I lay with thoughts of you
When you laugh, when you smile
And when you take me in your arms and hold me the way that only you
can do
Wondering, if maybe you're thinking of me too

I'm missing you more with each passing day
Missing the sweet things that you would say
I'm not perfect, but for you I'll find a way

Then I drift to sleep

In my dreams I have this place
It's there that I can see your face
Holding one another in a deep embrace

Morning comes and, all too quickly, your image fades away
I look to see the sun telling me to try and get through another day

In my heart there is no fear
A loving touch, a gentle tear

Hoping we'll be together again soon is how I spend the afternoon as
I wait for night's silvery moon

How bright it shines through the evening star-lit skies
How much it reminds me of the light I can see in your eyes
Loving and caring, without deception, vengeance, without lies
For the first time, I really feel like I've won first prize

It's with you, my life I want to spend
Give you all of me, be your lover, be your friend
Standing beside you unconditionally until the end

Through times, good and bad
Through emotions, happy and sad

By your side is where I'll be
Through the darkness, I'll be the light to help you to see
I hope you know just how much you mean to me
Here is my heart, to which you hold the key

Out the window a gaze, watching stars twinkle and gleam
Anticipating sleep, waiting to dream
Then everything is alright it seems

Day by day I'll wait until, again, I can be with you
I have this feeling that just seems so right, so true
Hoping you feel it too
The start of something new
When that day comes that I'll swear my life to you
The day I'll tell you "I do"
To have and to hold
Together grow old

Taking that with me to sleep
Smiling to myself for these thoughts I keep
Drifting back into dreams, where so many nights I've been
Waiting just to be close to you again...

Submitted by: Michael Vegvary 25/11/200


Men and Angels

I speak with the tongues of men and angels,

Your beauty to brilliant for mere mortal words

Your splendor possesses the strength to shake mountains,

Your voice hums in my ears like morning birds.

Your smile ignites my existence as the sun lights the day,

Every word you breathe, I will forever cherish

Each day I wake for the joy I have found in you,

This passion, which governs me, will never perish

Your presence in my life has permanently changed me,

My love suffers long and is kind

This never-yielding longing I feel controls me,

I canít get you out of my mind

I can see in your eyes the loving truth,

But my worries that still does not sooth

For we both appear with another,

Whose hearts we may someday break

We canít deny Earthís own mother,

So thatís a risk we will have to take

Though our future remains unwritten,

And disharmony may surely await,

On my heart, Cupidís arrow has bitten,

Perhaps someday youíll be my mate.

My emotions toward you are ever growing,

This fondness I own feels so new

With this affirmation, my abandon Iím showing,

I pray your flame burns for me too

So, what my heart feels, this poem plainly tells,

As I speak with the tongues of men and angels.

By. Dustin W. Adkison 25/11/2001


I want to be with you now,
But I don't know how,
I love you so much,
I really miss your touch.

I want to be wrapped in your arms,
and there I know I'm safe from all harms,
I really miss your caress,
that keeps me safe from the world's crazyness

Your smell puts me in heaven,
I wish I could be with you from eleven to eleven,
I am your lady
and you are my baby,
lets not worry,
and maybe things will hurry.

I care so much for how you feel,
and I really want to keep this real.
I want to be with you forever,
and be apart, NEVER
I love you so much
But I still long to feel your touch.

By: Heather 22/11/2001


Love is when you kiss it isn't her lips you touch but,
her soul

Unknown 21/11/2001


No Sunshine

As we fell apart
So did my heart
Nights grew cold and dark
Come back you've made your mark
Having you not mine
Brings no sunshine
So when I see the sky I'll cry
I won't have the warmth of your love
I won't see your face in the clouds, up above
I won't be able to kiss you
I won't be able to hold you
Our love just grew
To fast it grew

Dragon slayer 21/11/2001


Young Love

When I first saw you that one day,

I wanted to leave but I wanted to stay.

And when we first hung out together,

It was like I was on a cloud that felt like a feather.

Yes I do feel in heaven when I am with you,

I love just watching the things you do!

The way you smile, the way you look, the way you act,

It makes me feel so intact.

But when I am sitting alone without you,

I just don't know what to do.

You rock my world, You make me feel safe and warm,

And when I see someone touch you, it sets off my alarm!

I just don't know what to do when I am without you,

All I can say is "I Love You"!

By: Sarah Cox, Kitchener Ontario 18/11/2001


Advice to the ones you love

The world was such a lonely place,
were my perspectives were blue,
not really loving any one,
until I met you.

You are so perfect,
how could this be?
To the world you meant everything,
especially to me!

I fell in love with you in time,
I would have never guessed loving you would be such a crime,

I wish I could have made you feel how I felt,
I wish I could have made you see,
but I couldn't,
so no love was returned to me.

The days with out you turn into weeks,
and weeks turn into months,
still without you,
still loving you.

I ask myself everyday,
If I told you how I felt,
What exactly would you say?

Well, it's to late to tell you now,
my feelings for you enhance,
I wish I could go back in time,
back were I had a chance.

All I can say right now,
If you love someone,
whether a woman or a man,
tell them how you feel,
but tell them while you can.

Carlee Ranger 17/11/2001

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