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"Ah ha, so, you want to know about new positions for love? I think we all
wonder if we are doing it right from time to time, or whether there is a
better way. I remember I once went through a phase of being deeply
suspicious that everyone else was getting wonderfully acrobatic love in a
variety of positions I hadn't even figured out in my dreams, let alone in
reality. This made it difficult to concentrate on normal social niceties,
except whenever I met a couple whom I just found it impossible to imagine
doing it in any other way than the missionary position every Friday night. That always cheered me up.

I cheered up even more when a few discreet conversations with friends revealed that they too were beset by self-doubt. And indeed, this isn't surprising, for we usually have to learn how to make love without much tuition - for most people it's the ultimate self-taught skill, I guess. So, I have been searching long and hard for a suitable web site with advice and, more to the point, illustrations of different love making positions. And, you will be delighted to hear, I have now found one worthy.

The website in question has really excellent photos of what seems like hundreds of positions, as well as 30+ video clips of a nice looking couple trying out different love positions (with great enthusiasm, it must be said!).

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Click here. for access to this amazing site.

It is certainly very suitable for a man and woman to view together, and of
course the photos and video clips are downloadable. There are free gifts,
advice and tips, and a lot more besides, though the main reason I recommend the site to you so highly is for the huge range of photos and videos of love techniques and positions. Whether you just want to spice up your love life, or really go at a whole range of love positions, it will be a major help. Even if you just want to try something different once in a while, this is the place to see!

Many of the love positions they show are actually extremely pleasurable. You really can't go wrong with this web site, and what's more, the
price of admission - a year's membership, with unlimited access - is
incredibly low. So how can you find this website? The answer is click here and you'll go straight there. I hope it brings you the gift of great love. "



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