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I know I'll get over you

Why did you ever ask me out?
And made me the happiest girl alive?
But after 4 weeks has passed
Why'd you let go of me?
I know I'm not crying out loud,
But my heart is and it's broken
I don't wanna admit it to anyone
Even to myselfâ ¦
First thing I think about in the morning
Is youâ ¦
Last thing I think about at night
Is youâ ¦
I wish you'd come back to me
Because I really like you
But won't you give it another chance?
Why not? What's the reason you don't like me?
When I see you in hallways
I shake and freeze
You know why? Because I really like you
And guess what? You're the first guy who ever hurt meâ ¦
Why didn't you tell me that you didn't like me earlier?
If I didn't say anything,
You still would've gone with me?
Why? Why you gotta play like that?
Does it make you happy to hurt someone?
People have told me that you was a player
But I chose not to listen to them
Because I really like you
And I thought you were the sweetest of all
But now I realize what kind of person you really are
Why do you hate me so much now?
Did I do anything wrong?
Why don't you like me?
Why don't you wanna be friends?
What? Now you're ashamed of me?
Well I might be hurt but it's not that bad
Sooner or later I would've anyways
Because pain is part of life
And I've just experienced it
Just give me time
Because I know I'll get over you in no time
I know I'm strong
And I know I'll survive
You aren't the only guy for me.

Zolotok 1/03/2002



Roses are red, viloets are blue. your smile is so beautiful, as well as you too.

I'll love you in the day, i'll love you in the night, i'll love you tomorrow, til dawn, and til night.

By. Gilbert Longoria Jr. 1/03/2002


What I Want

Sometimes I get so angry
I dont know what to say
I feel like a game
That everyone wants to play

The only thing I need in this world
Is someone who is true
The only thing i want in this world is...
To be loved by You

Janet from Florida 1/03/2002


It's not so much the big wide world that makes me sigh or smile.
it's just the thought thats in my heart that makes my day worth while,
and often on a day like thisiwonder if u guess.
how many times the thought of u has bought me happiness!!!

by andrew 28/02/2002


From the day i met u,
my life has changed.
i can't go a day,
without thinking of u,
it makes me sane.
i love u so much,
and never want 2 part.
but if we do,
just look at your heart,
i'll be there,
cause i love and care.
i will love u forever more,
and will i will never show u the door,
because i love and care

by danica 28/02/2002


Roses are red,
violets are blue,
if love is a drug,
i'm addicted to u!

love is sweet,
love is golden,
love should be made in the back of a...HOLDEN...
if u dont like it if u get bored,
become a homosexual and fuck in a FORD.

by andrew wakeman 28/02/2002


Sometimes I feel like you are going to vanish from my life,
sometimes I feel you are close to me, but still not close enough;
Sometimes I feel I can write to you and say I love you,
sometimes I feel I can stop writing, and missing you
and nothing is going to break apart.
I am sorry that sometimes I feel like this,
and I am sorry too because I also feel like I have to tell...
If sometimes I have to keep something inside...
I feel I could hurt myself, but it's hard times now...
and sometimes I wish ... someone coud just listen and hug.

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Ana Sofía 27/02/2002

The Wrong Love

I thought you loved me
But I guess I was wrong
So I write this poem
Telling you that I still love you
I sit in a corner with a knife
Held against my wrist
Thinking of all the good times
As the knife goes deeper into my skin
The pain feels like a knife going through my heart
And a bullet to my head at the same time
I love you
But it is obvious you don't love me
I love you so much
I carved you name in my arm
Tell me that you at least care
I don't care for anyone
Like I care for you
So please don't put me through this
You told me I could come to you
With anything I needed to talk about
And I did
I think it is just the wrong love
So when you think of me
Think of the good times
And not when I wrote this
For every word I wrote
I was closer to death

P.S. Remember me
Not This Poem!

Written by Jamie West 26/02/2002



As I lay in your arms, I close my eyes and dream a beautiful dream.
Where the stars shine bright and the moon is full of life.
Where love can change a mood, a life, a soul.
A place of ecstasy and happiness entwined.
Fireworks explode!
I see your soul, your desire.

I open my eyes and realize they were never closed,
I was never dreaming, I was lost gazing in your eyes!


He has taken me from the darkness into the light
He has fulfilled my desires, my dreams
A delight that I have never experience before
Made me whole again
Amidst all the hurt & pain once suffered
I'm free again - I'm alive
His smile brings me ecstasy - I'm jovial
I quiver at his touch, his kiss
He's a constant delight
A new world to explore
Now I beam at the site of him
Multiplying my smiles and integrity
Make me feel like "Hey, I really am special"
Then proving how beautiful and true that really is
He's an angel sent from above, He's My Baby Boy!

Dedicated To Luis - May GOD Bless You!

The Question is Why?
Why something's have to happen?
Why things went wrong instead of right?
Why fight for things that are not worth it?
Why you hurt us if there was no reason?
It's like a black spooky shadow haunting us.
You asked how much feelings we had for you?
There were plenty.
Now you're gone and you left us without any.
The Question is Why?


I believed in your eyes only to be deceived by them.
I believed your words only to be misled by them.
I believed in my heart only to be left heartless.
I believed in our future only be shattered by our present.

Now I'm hurt and only because I believed in us,
I believed in you!

Suzette Soltero 26/02/2002


The Moon-lit Room

I drive. The long anticipated trip is motivating. I
knock. She opens the door calmly and her reassuring
face lightens my spirits. I'm so happy that my face
forces a smile. Just to see her, be with her. This
feeling cannot be translated into words. She hugs me
and then guides me to her room. It's dark now. No
single light in this house is on. The warmth of her
bed, her sweet scent, the moonlit room. All too
overwhelming. Were so happy. "Your arms in mine,
anytime...Wouldn't trade anything, you're still my
everything." We diffuse ourselves throughout the house
numerously. It's towards the end now. I'm, again,
against her wall, her body next to mine. Daylight
breaks. Nothing can happen. This moment...Perfection.
As we sit here, holding each other, we feel a mutual
emotion. At that very same time, we realize our
future. Love. Eternity.

Andy Peck, 25/02/2002



Sometimes I can't sleep at night because I'm thinking of you.
Even if I only went to see you once I miss seeing you.
It's amazing how time passes through.
When your done wanting to be free just tell me I will come back to you.
I remember the night when I was holding you tight.
But I know I have to get you out of my mind.
Because I don't think you would give me another night.
Your no longer mine that's why I know I have to get you out of my mind.
I was yours and you were mine I like you a lot because your kind.
I remember the time that we kissed, the feeling of your soft lips, I have missed.
That night that I held you tight it felt like if I was in heaven.
I just wish I could of stayed longer till eleven.
If you find love hold on to it, don't let it go because I regret letting you go.

by:Erik Luevano 25/02/2002


Love is patience with affections of virtue,

to have someone to love is being in there world,

to share love is to be together as a couple.

Sadness is the steppest, but love is higher then the mountains,

but love can contradict itself in any pleased way.

Author- Esteban Baro 25/02/2002


When You Go

As I sit in your car

Knowing I have to go

I try to leave,

Yet I feel the stay

I get out, my heart tearing into.

I put my lips next to yours

I want to cry.

I grow weak.

I whisper softly in your ear,

" I love you my dear"

the door shuts, my heart breaks.

As you back away,

I fall slowly into my grave.

I see the tail lights disappear,

Before the lights go away.

Then I hear you say the words I always

Wanted to here,

" I'll never leave you again my dear"

Carol Jackson 25/02/2002


- Wondering -

I sat here today wondering if you were mine
wondering if you loved me
wondering how you could make me cry

I sat here today wondering if you were true
wondering if you like the color red
wondering if you liked the color blue

I sat here today wondering how long it has been
wondering how long it will be
wondering if it will ever end

I sat here today wondering what it would be like
wondering what it is
wondering what it will be

I sat here today wondering what you thought of me
wondering who you thought i was
wondering who you thought i could be

But then i realized that i was only wondering
what life would be like if you were still here with me!

Written By: DanShell Evon 24/02/2002


To love is nothing...
To be loved is something...
To love and be loved is everything...

Ken Abnett 24/02/2002


Never Had I

Never had I felt a love so strong.
Never had I have a feeling so tender and warm.
Never had I seen someone who has a smile so sweet.
Never had I, never had I. It is just so hard to believe.
Never had I seen a lady walk with so much flair.
Never had I seen a face filled with so much care.
Never had I fell in love so deep.
Never had I felt so shy when she is around which makes me hard to breath.
Never had I, never had I. It is really very hard to believe.
Never had I looked so deep into someoneís eyes.
Never had I care for someone who makes me shy.
Never had I believe in love ever since she appeared.
Never had I wanted to protect someone without fear.
Never had I found someone so special and true.
Never had I fell in love so deep I just donít know what to do.
Never had I, never had I. My feelings for her are definitely true.
Never had I wanted to change so much.
Never had I wanted to yearned so much for her touch.
Never had I wanted so much to kiss her lips.
Never had I wanted to be with her and fly free.
Never had I, never had I. For now, she is the only person I need.
A person I wished I can spend my life with. This, I wish I can ask her on
bended knees.

Mark Ng 24/02/2002

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